Welcome to day 22 of #ProjectCheer! Today's cheer is brought to you by Candice Cendana of the Health Resource. What's Project Cheer? Read this! Always spread cheer!

Cheer #22) Pay a random person's parking meter and/or cup of tea/coffee!

There are people around us who live from the heart yet go unnoticed every day. Co-workers, friends, families, coaches --- when was the last time you made an effort to thank someone for everything they do, or when was the last time you did a nice gesture for someone just because?

Grabbing the door for someone, helping someone else meet change required at the register, encouraging someone towards the end of a race by pacing them while they're struggling --- forms of giving from the heart, because you want to, not because you might get something in return. This person may not have significance in your life, and you might not ever see them again, but you would have left a mark in someone's life by leaving the impression that genuine people still exist in the world.

It appears people have forgotten the value of others in society. Saying, "Thank you", celebrating birthdays, even acknowledging hard work seems to be a rarity. When you make an effort to observe and acknowledge others, you begin to realize the value of humanity and how your contribution can create a better world.

It is human nature for people to want to be noticed. We all need a witness to our lives - it gives meaning to our efforts and makes our actions significant.

This holiday season, make a conscious effort to observe those around you and to appreciate those who go unnoticed. Simply saying, "Thank you for dinner, Mom, it was delicious," or, "I appreciate you staying late to help me on this project," or, "Thanks for coming out early to run with us this morning, Coach," --- gratitude goes a long way, and people will appreciate you more for being part of their journey. And the best part --- it's free! It doesn't cost anything to be gracious to someone, so give and give often.

Make a mark in someone else's life and show them the value of their contributions. It is often said, "There are angels among us." - be an angel to someone and know that you made an imprint in someone's heart.

Candice spreads cheer in the OC where she enjoys yoga, running, being a mom & eating vegan. Follow her on Twitter @HealthOC and visit her website.

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