Project Cheer is coming to a close! Today's cheer is brought to you by Sarah E. Enjoy! What's 25 Days of Cheer all about? Read this!

Cheer #19) Sing at your local children's hospital or retirement home!

Bring out the kid in you! Go to your local children's hospital and sing Christmas carols to the kids who will be in the hospital for the holidays. I did this last year for the first time with a group of people and we had a blast. Some kids followed us around and sang with us, others gave us a big smile from their bed in their room. Not only did we bring smiles to the kids, but their family's really appreciated it. You don't have to be a excellent singer to make this happen.

Sarah is a mom & runner & lives in the state of Maine. You can find her on Twitter @gkSarahj5.

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