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Inspired Living

25 Days of Cheer (Day 17)

Sarah Stanley

Day 17 of Project Cheer! Today's cheer is brought to you by Joanna Sutter of Fitness and Spice Marketing. What is the cheer all about? Read this first!

Cheer #17) Activate Your Holiday Traditions!

Most holiday family traditions revolve around food which I wouldn't change for the world because what would Christmas morning be without my mom's famous almond egg souffle? And I wouldn't miss baking cookies with my niece, making pizzelle's for my Dad and pumpkin bread for my sister-in-law if you paid me. But maybe we should bake in some holiday traditions that don't involve calories, I mean, eating.

Instead of making the holidays all about the food, maybe we should share some of the joy and cheer with activities that are just!

My family does everything from back yard sprinting, high jumping, ping pong, pull up, and push-up competitions. But there are other things we can add to our traditions too, like ice skating, flag football, bowling, volunteering at a food kitchen, or even bundling up for a brisk walk to see the holiday lights.

Adding in an active family tradition will not only burn some off some of Grandma's fruit cake but will create some healthy holiday memories, too. Now I really must go get ready for that push-up competition. I predict a victory…hands down!

Joanna is a fitness & health writer and creator of Fitness & Spice. Find her on Twitter @JoannaSutter & visit her website for more inspiration!