25 Days of Cheer Day rolls on! Today's cheer is brought to you by Erica Sara. Enjoy & spreed the cheer! New to Project Cheer? Read this first!

Cheer # 14: Open Doors

During a blizzard last winter, I was walking home when I noticed a woman with two children and a stroller trying to get into a taxi. The snow was piled high and as she struggled to fold the stroller while keeping her kids safe, people walked by; no one stopped to help. I ran over, and with snow up to my thighs, folded her stroller and held the door as she carried her children into the back seat. She was grateful and thanked me repeatedly for something that was no big deal. So why didn’t anyone else stop to help her?

Since that day, I’ve made it a daily practice to do something nice for a stranger. Whether it’s helping with groceries, holding open a door, or complimenting them on an outfit, it gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction. And I walk away hoping that it brightens their day and encourages them to do the same for others.

During these 25 days of cheer, my hope is that you accept a new challenge. Commit to spreading cheer through acts of kindness. Some ideas:

    ¥ Smile and say hello or good morning to a stranger
    ¥ Prepare a meal for someone who needs it, like new parents or an elderly person
    ¥ Grocery shop for an elderly or sick neighbor
    ¥ Compliment a complete stranger on their clothing, smile or beautiful children
    ¥ Offer a couple of hours of free babysitting to parents
    ¥ Donate used books to a library
    ¥ Leave a generous tip for a waiter or cab driver
    ¥ Transport someone who can’t drive
    ¥ Offer yourself as an exercise partner who someone who wants to start but doesn’t know how

The possibilities are endless and no matter how much or how little time you have to spare, you can spread happiness in the world.

Do Good!

When Erica is not running or practicing yoga she can be found designing fab jewelery or on Twitter @EricaSara or her website.