Day 12 of Project Cheer is brought to you by Jon Brianas of Turning Point Sports. What's Project Cheer all about? Read this first!

Cheer #12) Be a "Team Captain"- Launch a Friend on Their Fitness Journey
So think about it... we all know the saying "by serving others we serve ourselves".  Well how much more true could that be than with fitness and inspiring another to live an active, healthy lifestyle?  We all know the benefits that are preached as a result of eating healthy and staying fit, at the top of that list is feeling better about yourself, being happier, and feeling more... Cheerful!
Now, what does it mean to be a Team Captain?  What are the rules?  Who's eligible?  The answer... everyone!  At Turning Point Sports our Fit Kids Team™ coaches are called Team Captains, we also call the parents of kids enrolled in our programs the same.  Why?  Because they have exercised leadership and made a decision which resulted in them or their kids living an active, healthy lifestyle or participating in a program, event, or activity to begin their journey.
When you're a Team Captain there is no better feeling in the world than seeing someone "get it".  The effort, the brainpower, the energy it takes to motivate and coach someone along their journey can be incredibly rewarding.
We teach 5 Keys to Success at Turning Point Sports:
1) Find your Team and begin your journey
2) Set goals
3) Learn from mistakes
4) Never give up
5) Finish what you start
These keys to success were developed based on experiences in my life.  I grew up playing lacrosse in Annapolis, MD and at the U.S. Naval Academy, I was the Team Captain of both my high school and Naval Academy lacrosse teams, I am also a two-time cancer survivor.  Traversing these experiences has reinforced the importance of having a "team" in my life and the resulting Keys to Success are interwoven in everything that I do..
Jonathan & his wife Jennifer reside in Annapolis, MD with their 4 adorable children. Both are active athletes and positive role models! Visit Turning Point Sports for more information on how to be a team player and live a healthy life!
Photo by: KIUKO