Project Cheer day 10! Lisa Johnson is the featured author today. Enjoy! If you are new to the 25 Days of Cheer, read this first!!

Cheer #10: Find a Pint-Sized Adventure

The holidays can start to feel like a grind.  So find yourself a little adventure and see what surprises await you.  Wanna know my little adventure for today?  I’m taking my son to a real-honest-to-goodness boxing club.  It’s right by our house, has a great reputation, and they love working with kids.

So we’re going.  My son is so excited to meet a real boxer (he’s a third grader) and I’m wondering how sore I’m going to be tomorrow.  But I know I’ll at least relieve some holiday stress on that punching bag and have some fun with my little dude.   Best thing of all, it’ll only take an hour.

What’s your pint-sized adventure?  Exploring a flea market for a magical find or going for a trail run instead of your usual lap around the neighborhood?  What’s one thing you’ve been wanting to try and hesitating on?  Plan a little holiday from the holidays with an exciting pick me up idea. Better yet share it with friends and family.

Lisa Johnson is a fitness blogger for  She also owns Modern Pilates in Brookline, MA. Visit here sites: or