I know we are all perfect, but guilt will plague the best of us (go ahead and admit it, its step #1). For most of us, guilt runs our life. If we take a nap, we feel like we are letting the world go by. If we don't attend the gala we feel like we aren't a good person. If we aren't writing 7 blog posts a day, checking in at EVERY freaking spot we come across or practicing yoga- and don't forget to save the world! We aren't doing enough (guilt ensues!) You know, STOP doing. Start living with intention.

Guilt is really trying to make others like us. If we make it on 2 hours of sleep, we are a hero. If we attend every social function we rockstar social people. If we write a gazillion posts, then we are " mega bloggers". If we practice yoga then we must be closer to peace.

Are you doing things just so you don't feel guilty? Don't let the fear of others rule your life. If you have to justify to others what you are doing, stop. You are responsible for your life, they are not. Be happy with taking that nap. Don't be social pressured into doing something because "everyone" else is.

How does guilt run your life? Would love to hear your comments/thoughts!

Photo by: Pink Sherbet