He (or she, if you prefer) has arrived. December 19, 2009 1:00am. 24 inches. Weight, TBD. When I first heard about the arrival I was a bit of a septic. I mean really, Washington, DC NEVER gets snow, right?  Having been in the area all my life I know better than that. But you know how weathermen are. 10 inches could be like a snowflake. Or two. Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

After tucking the cars safely in the garage Friday night I thought that would insure that snow would not come. Boy, was I wrong. I woke in the middle of the night and peaked out the window. It was white outside. I checked my Twitter @ replies and it was confirmed. Weather pattern had shifted. And we were going to get crushed. And I do mean crushed.

By 8am, we already had 5 inches. Mickey Mouse pancakes made the kids happy:)

Winter Blizzard Mickey Mouse Pancakes

By 10am I swear (well not really, but you get the idea) we had 12 or 15 inches? Seemed like 50. It was windy, cold and STILL snowing! Bundled the kids up (not mine, I nanny when I am not training/traveling) and proceeded outside. Side bar. In all my years being with kids, it never fails. Spend an HOUR getting them bundled up & they only invest 5 minutes outside before coming. Repeat ALL day long. I ♥ kids, but the before/after math.....OY VEY!!

Snowsuit time!

By noon, we had MORE snow. Already set a record snowfall for the area. And it was STILL coming down!!

Live from DC Snow Pocalypse

Sarah Angel

Backyard beauty

It's now 3:00pm and the snow is knee deep. I am going to try & attempt a run. Not entirely sure how successful I will be at the run part. I'll report when I return. Wish me luck and god speed:)

Live from DC Snow Pocalypse Take 2

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