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Inspired Living

12x12 Project

Sarah Stanley

As I've been running all over the country this past year I've been thinking of how I could make an even larger impact in 2012. And slowly but surely the plan has been hatched. And I could not be more excited about it! I've had the honor of pacing a few people at different races this year and I really enjoyed it. And so, it got me thinking that other people might want some (or need) encouragement to cross a finish line.

THE PROJECT: 12 people. 12 races. 12 causes. Everyone wins.

THE PLAN: I'll help 12 different people cross 12 different race finish lines and help raise awareness for 12 different causes.

THE ACTION: Fill out this form and enter to be a part of the 12x12 Project!

MORE: A website (and logo) will be live soon. The website will feature you, your story, photos (before/after), your training progress, your cause and the person who you will help finish a race. Along with running the race with you, I will also send you training tips, a race day prep guide, motivation, encouragement and of course inspiration!

I hope you are as excited as I am! I can't wait to run with you, find out about your story and be a part of your health journey!!

And yes, I'll probably run 12 ultras in 2012. How can I not? ;)