I am totally excited to feature something that I love! Pushups! Yes, you read that right! Steve Speirs has started a craze called 100 pushup challenge. Pushups are a fantastic way to build upper body strength, plus core strength. They are also a great way to see how strong you can become in just weeks! So, please join me in "100 pushup challenge".   Head on over to www.hundredpushups.com

Take the initial test (make sure you receive clearance from your doctor first). The plan Steve has laid out is easy to follow. So don't let the number 100 scare you!

The cool thing is that you can do pushups ANYWHERE! You don't need a gym. Just a floor and YOU! If you want to have some killer arms, then you have to get on the pushup band wagon! Oh and let me or Steve know you are joining in the craze! You will be glad you did!

Photo by MikeBaird