Want to run faster? I have 10 tips for you. They will really help you. #1) Leave your change, random keys, pens, and any other jingling thing at home.

#2) 40 degrees is not cold. 20 below is. Remember your body will get warm. Really, it will. Dress lightly. You probably don't need ear muffs, 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 1 jacket AND the parka. See you just lost 5 pounds.

#3) Race number goes on the front of your body, NOT your back (unless in some rare race they give you 2 race bibs and instructions to do so). By wearing your race number on the front it lets the race officials know that you are in the race and not crashing the party. We don't need any more party crashers if you know what I mean:)

#4) If you must stop at the water stations, and don't want to get pushed down by human plows please for the sake of all us, grab your cup and run till AFTER the stop. You'll be able to run faster because you won't have to pick yourself up off the ground.

#5) Start in the right corral. If you run a 6 minute pace, you know where you need to be. If you run a 12 minute pace, yes, you are in the corral that is further back. There is a reason. You don't want to get run over by the speedy people. And second, it is not kind to the other runners who have to leap over you.  Call it "race niceness".

#6) Arrive early. Not on time. You'll save yourself stress of finding a parking spot, lines to the potty's, and of course the starting line.

#7) You don't need to eat every carb & protein in sight. Have a banana. Or a bagel. Skip the Egg McMuffin, donut,

#8) Water. Depending on the race distance, you generally don't need to chug down a gallon of water before hand. All that will happen is you'll be searching for a tree rather than the finish line. NOT a good idea. Hydrate during the week. You can't cram hydration!

#9) For women only: it's called running,  not a beauty pageant. Leave the makeup, perfume at home. Your fellow runners will thank you. Trust me.

#10) For men only: Wear deodorant, but not the whole stick. And please wear shorts that cover everything. I am sure you are proud of what's underneath (as your sig other is as well) but for the love of god, we don't want to see it. Trust me. Seriously. We don't.

Now go run. You should be at least 10 pounds lighter. How's that for a quick weight lost plan?!

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