Today’s question comes from Denny in Florida. He asks:

“Why do you recommend to put chia seeds in a reusable water bottle?”



Answer in 140 or less:

Because people put chemical liquids and powders in their pure water turning it into a toxic drink.

Long Answer: 

Many people do not drink pure, straight up water. They add artificial flavorings, toxic dyes and other things that should never be added to H2O.

Varieties of Crystal Light (Crystal Light Liquid, Crystal Light Energy, Crystal Light Mocktails, Crystal Light Pure) contain Aspartame, Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1, soy lecithin, propylene glycol (antifreeze!), acesulfame potassium, maltodextrin.

These ingredients have been linked to diseases such as cancer, alzheimer's, MS, brain tumors, and a host of other negative health issues.

MiO Liquid (produced by Kraft who also makes Crystal Light products) contains the exact same ingredients that Crystal Light Liquid does. Both are marketed to different demographics.

Kool-Aid, Dasani Water Drops, MiO Fit, and any other commercial water flavorings should never be bought much less consumed.

(We’ll cover Vitamin Water, Gatorade, and other highly marketed unhealthy drinks in another article.)

Water should be drunk in it’s pure, natural state. The reason why people “don’t like the taste” or other similar statements is because they have ruined their taste buds by drinking and consuming artificial products.

We’ve gotten so far away from the basics of life. We have no relationship with our food or drink anymore. Fake food is passed thru a little window while sitting in the car and eaten without thought while stuck in traffic. People go from bed to the coffee pot to their garage to sit in traffic to park in a garage, take the elevator, grab another cup of coffee, sit at a desk, and repeat. We aren’t robots, we are living, breathing humans!

Water doesn’t need toxic chemicals added to it to make it drinkable! Your body is made up of pure water, not coal, tar, or antifreeze (this is what artificial food dyes are made of).

Still, there are those who just won’t drink pure water. So, instead of reaching for some fake flavoring, try one of these ideas instead.

1) Chia Seeds. Add 1 tablespoon of organic chia seeds to a reusable water bottle. Refill with water throughout the day. Chia seeds hold up to 12 times their weight therefore making you feel full. Chia seeds are also an excellent source of calcium, protein, fiber, Omega-3, antioxidants, and other minerals.

2) Organic Fresh Fruit. Make your own pure water infusions! You can prepare a glass pitcher of water and toss in some sliced oranges, apples, cranberries, limes and whatever else suits your fancy!

3) Organic Fresh Herbs. To make a really fantastic water infusion, add herbs to the above fruit!

Here are some excellent combination ideas:

  • Strawberries+mint

  • Orange slices+cucumber

  • Lavender+blackberries

  • Lime+thyme

  • Fennel+raspberries

  • Strawberries+orange slices+lime slices

  • Blackberries+orange slices+rosemary

  • Basil+cherries

  • Apple slices+raspberries

  • Kiwi+lime

4) Q Energy Drink. If you are running a marathon or are involved in some other high sport sweat rate, use this drink. Don’t make it a daily habit- learn to enjoy pure water. But for endurance sports or jet lag or if you really, really, really need an energy boost, make Q Energy Drink your choice.

**Note, filtered water is best and steer clear from plastic bottled water. Use tap, filtered water! Always carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times. Get in this healthy habit!

Bottom line is to stick with pure water. (Gatorade is also a toxic drink, by the way.)