Talk about a catchy title!

If the title lead you to this article, welcome! While you might think the title is farfetched, once you finish reading this you might see why I chose it. :) 

If you haven't watched King Corn, I highly recommend that you make time to watch it. You can watch it on Amazon Prime, Netflix or iTunes. It is well worth your time.

The next time you are in a supermarket, pick up a package and read the ingredient list. Notice anything? The word "corn" perhaps? It is in practically everything you eat and consume! Most of the time that ingredient is not straight corn, it's corn masked as High Fructose Corn Syrup. And HFCS is in just about every conventional product- from soda to bread to crackers to cake to chips to medications to vitamins to shampoos...the list is endless. Sugar alcohols like erythritol, xylitol are even made with GMO corn! Plus, products that aren't labeled like commercial meats and eggs contain corn. Chickens and eggs are both fed corn which ends up in your body and even the strands of your hair. (Whoa!) What am I referring to?

In the King Corn documentary, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis both had their hair tested and it came back with corn in it. Why? Well, the "foods" they were consuming had corn in them. And thus their award-winning documentary was born.

Think that burger, french fries and shake you buy and eat doesn't have corn in it? Think again. Pretty much everything you consume has corn in it. And I'm not talking about sweet corn, but field corn. Field corn is then processed into HFCS, corn starch, corn syrup, additives, ethanol (fuel) and animal feed to name a few.

Why is corn killing you? Let's start with a few background facts about corn: 

  • Corn is the No. 1 crop in America.
  • Corn is in everything you eat and drink (if you don't pay careful attention).
  • Corn is used to make fuel (ethanol).
  • Over 55% of Iowa's corn crop is sent out of the country.
  • U.S. corn production is two times any other crop.
  • Approximently 88% of conventional corn crops are genetically modified.
  • In the last 15 years, taxpayers paid corn farmers more than $77 billion (cited from King Corn).
  • Ten % of America’s farmers collect more than 75 percent of the subsidies (cited from King Corn)
  • Since the late 1970s, the real price of fruits and vegetables increased by 30 percent, while prices for soft drinks decreased by 34 percent (cited from King Corn).
  • Over the last 20-50 years, corn seed has been genetically modified to resist synthetic herbicides and pesticides so that corn plants that can live close together. (And in turn these herbicides and pesticides have created Superbugs and Superweeds.) 
  • Today, one acre of corn can produce 200 bushels of corn = 500 tons of "food" per acre (but yet "food insecurity" is at an all time high). But remember, that 500 tons is not edible straight from the corn plant. 
  • 40 million tons of corn never even make it to market each year!
  • 50% of corn is turned into feed will which will ultimately end up in your hamburger, steak, eggs, glass of milk.
  • 32% of corn is exported and/or turned into ethanol (not food).
  • The most alarming fact is that GMO corn seed contains the epicyte gene in it. What's the epicyte gene? The epicyte gene sterilizes males and females. (Wonder why infertility is so rampant?!) 
  • GMO corn has also been engineered with the synthetic herbicide, BT.
  • GMO corn is a registered pesticide. Yes, a registered pesticide.  



This is why corn is (slowly) killing you. Shockingly, most people don't care or pay attention to these facts.

It's important to note that most farmers today can't even feed themselves! Why? Because the corn has to be processed in order for anyone to eat it. The corn seed has been genetically modified (GMO) to produce more crops. More crops equals more money from the government. However, more crops do not equal more edible, clean, safe food.  

Field corn (not to be confused with sweet corn) is not edible straight off the plant. In order for a person to consume it, the corn has to be processed. Typically in the form of HFCS, fillers, etc. This is also why thousands of corn is sitting in grain lots, becoming moldy and unusable over time. So if humans can't eat corn straight off the plant, why are conventional animals being given this? It. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense. (But it does make cents. And lots of them.)

The corn that is being served to consumers today is causing us great disease.

Because (organic) farming is near and dear to my heart, let's not forget that Monsanto (and other chemical companies like DuPont, Bayer) are controlling the seed the conventional farmer uses, the synthetic herbicides and pesticides and ultimately controlling the health of you and me. (For what it's worth: according to Farm Aid, 330 family farms are sold every week.) 

GMO Corn Seeds.jpg

Notice the difference between the hands? One has a glove, the other does not.  


Bigger farms, bigger farm equipment (sprayers, tractors, combines) have taken over the little family farm. This has left our country in a state of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. We've exchanged our health and happiness for money. When small family farms all across the globe are taken over by the chemical companies, the food you eat changes. The health of the soil changes. The quality of the air you breathe and water you drink changes. Your health decreases. Happiness is constantly being chased. There's no debate that we are a sick, stuck and sad nation! 

As mentioned above, corn is used in a variety of ways. One of which is animal feed. Cows (and chickens) are predominantly fed corn. Why is this not a good thing? Well, when you feed a cow corn, they die. Seriously. A cow was not created to digest corn. But by feeding cows corn, the cows can gain weight quicker, taken to the slaughterhouse sooner so they can get paid faster. Feeding cows corn is an unethical practice.

While we're on the topic of cows, let's pause here for a second. Cows weren't made to standstill (just like humans!) but in commercial feedlots today, cows live in tight, confined spaces with corn as their only option in the food trough. Less physical movement also means that weight gain is sooner which means the cows will be in the "food" chain quicker. Cows are also given antibiotics. In fact, 80% of antibiotics in the U.S. are given to cows. The majority of meat on your plate if you choose to eat it is from an obese cow fed GMO corn. And an unhealthy cow leads in part to unhealthy people. Remember that everything is connected! You are what it [cow, egg, chicken, pork, plant] ate, was sprayed with, injected, etc. 

If you do choose to eat meat (and consume dairy), please, please make sure it's organic. It is imperative that you do not consume GMO corn.  

Field corn is not edible. It has to be processed before anyone can consume it. So if humans can't eat it, why should animals eat it? It. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

In the meantime, eat conventional corn? I strongly urge you to think about removing corn from your food plate (or bowl). Your health will improve because your body wasn't made to process and digest chemicals and GMOs.

If you are gluten-free, it is even more important to go corn-free. Corn is in virtually all gluten-free products and unless the package states as organic corn, you are consuming glyphosate (the main ingredient in the synthetic herbicide Roundup; a carcinogen) plus the epicyte gene, plus Bt! The synthetic pesticides and herbicides in addition to a foreign gene will destroy your health and your gut quicker than gluten ever will! 

Read labels carefully. Look at the Rx and OTC medicine ingredient list. There is corn in so many of the cough syrups and congestion liquids. People are literally drinking poison. Helpful suggestion: use herbs along with an excellent lifestyle to heal your body. 

Go corn-free and if you do wish to have popcorn or corn chips, make sure they are organic. You can also try these awesome chips (corn-free and organic!).


Thanks to King Corn documentary, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, Food Aid, Camp Silos and Hunger in America, GMO Inside, GMO Free USA for providing the above corn facts and images.