I lie awake at night because our nations health is serious trouble. My fellow citizens are getting diagnosed with diseases at an alarming rate. People thinking they are doomed to living with chronic illness when they don’t have to be! My heart is heavy everytime I see people living in pain. This is not OK with me and my goal (job) is to help people live well. To empower you to be educated with what you put in and on your body. You literally hold the keys to health and wellness or disease! Lastly I’d love to always encourage you. I realize that getting better might feel like a daunting task, but let me encourage you - it is SO VERY WORTH IT! Also, be sure to visit Udi's Gluten Free for more gluten free living inspiration and connect with the gluten free community.

1) Prevention. The cure is already found: it’s prevention. This means getting back to the basics and following the points in the rest of this article. Eating foods that are as close to the source (soil, earth) as possible. You’ll often hear me use the term “real food.” What does this mean?


- Processed

- Man-made

- Lab-made

- You wouldn’t cook or bake with

- Factory

- Can, wrapper, plastic container, frozen

Real food is whole, organic foods in their natural state. Rice cakes might be “natural” but they are still a processed product. Brown rice is a whole food, white rice is not a whole food.

When you begin to eat real, whole, organic foods from their natural source the body will begin to heal and repair itself! Isn’t this fabulous? Begin to heal your body by eating real foods that keep you well!

2.) Probiotics. Due to the toxic foods most of the country is consuming, our guts are suffering big time (no pun intended). Eighty percent of our immune system is in our gut and if you are chronically getting sick, your gut may be the problem. This goes back to key number 1, but anytime you consume processed, acid, toxic-filled products, your overall health will be harmed. And if you have Celiac, trouble with gluten, healing your gut is one of the best things you can do for your health! The best sources of probiotics are from raw, living fermented foods: raw sauerkraut (refrigerated, not shelf stable), kombucha, spirulina, chorella and blue-green algae and Bragg ACV. (See this for how to take it daily.) My favorite is GT Super Green Kombucha. Prebiotics are also needed for a healthy gut. Bananas, garlic, chicory root, dandelion greens (all in raw, organic form) are fantastic sources. Prevent chronic sickness & illness by taking care of your gut! No germy gut. :) (Note: I do not recommend dairy yogurt as a probiotic source.) Digestive enzymes and probiotic supplement may also be needed. I recommend Garden of Life and MegaFoods.

P.S. if you do take antibiotics, make sure you take probiotics as antibiotics kill the good germs too.

3.) Pure Water. This one is really simple. Drink lots of pure H2O daily. Pure water = means nothing is added to the water. It’s straight up, filtered tap water (see key number 6). No MiO, Crystal Light, Gatorade, etc liquids or powders. Because people have been drinking and consuming junk products, their taste buds have changed so when people say “I don’t like the taste of water” what they really mean is that they are used to artificial products. You will have to retrain your taste buds. Stop drinking soft drinks 100 percent right now. Begin each morning by drinking 20 oz. of pure water before you guzzle your coffee. Carry a reusable glass water bottle with you at all times during the day.

4.) Physical activity. Besides eating real, whole, organic foods I’m also an endurance athlete. This means I run and cycle long distances for hours (sometimes 24 hours straight). I love to move my body! I love to sweat! I love being fit. But in the world we live in today the majority of us go from the house to car garage to their car to the office garage to sit at a cubicle. People don’t even get to breathe fresh air! Sitting is killing us. Get up and move every hour on the hour. Purchase a pedometer and get in at least 10,000 steps every day. Have walking meetings. Start your day by breathing fresh air!

5.) Positivity. Health is holistic. Wellness is mind, body and soul. It’s what we eat, what we drink, and also what we think. If you are always thinking negative thoughts or have a negative attitude that will reflect in your health. It’s all connected together! If you are constantly thinking unhealthy thoughts, it will be hard to have peace and happiness. Just like you would detox your body, you also have to detox your mind. Fill your body with good foods and good thoughts.

6.) Plastic. This one might surprise you, but think of how much plastic is around you right now. Plastic water bottle? Plastic seal around a bottle of pills? Plastic storage containers? Plastic bags. We are surrounded by plastic! Plastic is not only a hazard for the environment and animals. In fact, 70 percent of plastic ends up in the sea, hurting precious water life. Last year, enough plastic water bottles were used to stretch around the earth 190 times! Plastics in general are not safe. Plastics can interfere with the endocrine system which is a very important part of our body! Each cell and organ is connected by endocrine system. Furthermore, it helps to regulate our mood and metabolism. While BPA might not be present in our plastic water bottles, it is still a concern in others plastics. Begin to track how much plastic you come in contact with (you’ll probably be surprised!) and make the switch to glass.

Bottom line: wellness is mind+body+spirit. Everything is connected together. And when one thing is off kilter, everything is off.

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