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Do You Have The Courage To Stand Up To Your Doctor?

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Do You Have The Courage To Stand Up To Your Doctor?

I was having a conversation with someone recently and they brought up chemo. 

Their reply was "I'm not an oncologist" when I asked them if they knew what chemo was. 

So if you aren't a culinary trained chef, you can't cook nutritious meals for your family? If you aren't a professional cleaner you can't clean your home? If you aren't a CPA you can't do a budget? 

I hear this often. "I'm not a doctor! I'm just a real estate agent/mother/landscaper/etc." No! You aren't **just** a real estate agent/mother/landscaper!!! You are a human being made in the image and likeness of God! You have a brain!! Use it! Do not chose to give your power away that easily and quickly. 

I also hear many stories of doctors telling patients that because they aren't doctors, they must do whatever the doctor tells them to do and if they don't the doctor throws a hissy fit and says don't come back to this office! This is emotional abuse. This is not the way a professional should treat their client. Again, remember, doctors are not gods and they do not have the final say nor do they know it all. They went to medical school funded by pharmaceutical companies, keep this in mind! If doctors say you should trust them point blank (blindly) or take their "advice" without doing YOUR due diligence, please do not go back to that doctor again. 

Anyway, moving on.  
Here is what is wrong with the phrases "I'm not a doctor" or "you aren't a doctor". 

#1) These statements are ignorant. 

Doctors are not gods! In the western medical field, doctors are trained to cut, burn, poison and prescribe Rx drugs. Not to heal. Not to restore health of the mind+body+spirit. Not to remind you that the power that made the body heals the body. You must learn to think for yourself. Don't let others think for you! Especially not western doctors. 

#2) These statements give doctors power over you. 

This is (partly) why America is so sick! People (patients) have handed over their power when they say things like this. Doctors don't have the final say! YOU do! You must seek other opinions, options, possibilities. It is lazy to just take what the doctor or oncologist says. Chemo is not your only option. Rx meds aren't your only option. (By the way, 75% of doctors would refuse chemo according to a Stanford poll.) You never have to hand over your power to anyone! You hold the keys to your health. Please use them.  

#3) These statements are lazy. 

If you don't want to heal your body, then by all means go ahead and hand over your power to the doctors, but to do so, is lazy. YOU are capable of making **informed** choices and to just blindly state you aren't a doctor is to state you don't care about your health. Doctor says here take these meds // chemo and patient just blindly accepts the meds, chemo, radiation without ever doing their due diligence! No! They **chose** to give their power away! They were too lazy to do their homework on THIER own health! What a travesty. When you give your power away you will stay sick, stuck, sad and complacent. This is not living. This is stupid. Don't be like Bob.  

#4) This is gaslighting.

When a doctor says you aren’t a doctor, this is a form of gaslighting. What is gaslighting? Psychology Today says “gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality.” Gaslighting is abuse and if a doctor uses this tactic on you, please be aware of this and leave that practice as fast as you can. Health is not a dictatorship but a partnership. Wellbeing is a continuum. What you learn today is a building block for what you’ll learn in tomorrow, next year, in 5 years! Do not let a doctor gaslight you. Just because they spent $278,455 (average) on medical school does not mean you have to accept what they say 100%.

You don't have to be an oncologist or a doctor or a xyz to be proactive and protective of your health! Take time to educate yourself what's going on with your health and why so and so is saying you must take said Rx, chemo, radiation or have surgery. Seek the truth. Seek healing. Stand up to the doctor and don’t let them have power over you.

Be an informed citizen, patient, person. Your health is worth it. 

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Do You Use Protection?


Do You Use Protection?

Now before you assume what I’m asking and answer “yes”, keep reading.

We live in a day and age where eyeballs and hands are glued to their plethora of devices: smart phone, iPad, laptop. Even our ears have a Bluetooth device! And how do we read books these days? A device! What do these have in common: electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

These gadgets are harming our health greatly. From cancer to sleep issues to a generally disconnected society. 

RF Safe provides a great overview of how this radiation works and it's relationship to our wellbeing. 

From SafeSleeve they write: “An increasing number of doctors and scientists are warning that prolonged exposure to EMR increases our risk of various diseases from Leukemia, to cancerous tumors, to Alzheimer's and ALS and more. This is why the EPA has labeled EMFs a "class 3 carcinogen" and the IARC considers them "possibly carcinogenic to humans," a description also given to substances like Chloroform, Lead and DDT".

The following graphic shows radiation absorption into the head when speaking on a smartphone (credit: Safe Sleeve).

GreenMedInfo write this and if you are a parent or caregiver, this is a must-read. 

It’s especially concerning when babies, toddlers, children are given devices! Using them on their laps right next to their reproductive organs) is not exactly healthy. Or pregnant women using their device right on top of their beautiful belly! Or how about the women sticking their smartphone in their bra?! 

Other devices to be aware of (I choose not to use):

  • Apple Watch
  • Any fitness tracker/wearables (Fitbit, Bellabeat, Garmin Vivoactive, etc)

  • Any device next to the bed that use EMR or EMF

  • Any earpiece (Bluetooth) using EMR, EMF, Wi-Fi

  • Kindles, Nooks, etc

  • Baby monitors with Wi-Fi or similar, including the Owlet

Lastly, note the dangers of Wi-Fi as written about in this article. (Have trouble sleeping? Read on!) 

Buy protection from RF Safe and/or Safe Sleeve. (I use both.)

Steps to protecting you and your family:

  • Limit or remove devices from children

  • Build and implement new habits like playing with wooden toys, do a puzzle, color, play in nature, build forts, paint, draw, read paperback books, teach them how to cook, bake a nourishing meal or dish

  • Parents: change your habits too!

  • Keep phone in another room and turn on airplane mode (do not sleep with your phone) at night

  • Buy an alarm clock that plugs into the wall so you don’t have to use your smartphone

  • Do not use Bluetooth or other wireless devices/earpieces

  • When speaking on the phone use plug-in headphones and protection on your phone (I use this one). 

  • Keep devices far away from your body

  • Use protection whenever possible

  • Read paperback or hardcover books vs on devices

  • Do not hold smartphone directly to ear

EMF protection FB.png