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My Training

Wonder what & how I train? Read below & you will find out:) Friday, April 3, 2009


This morning I woke to POURING rain! I had a quick protein bar, then I met with my trainer friend & I did a tricep, back & core weight workout for an hour. Then I hit the Stairmaster for 30min (slow, 3:56 miles, 164 flights). Then I proceeded to get SOAKED walking to my truck (wish I had some shower gel with me, lol) and quickly raced home....yes, I tend to race EVERYWHERE:) lol.


Had a bowl of Kashi with milk when I got home....hmmm good!

At 10:30am I took a 75min power yoga class.....where once again I got soaked going to class:) It felt great to do "downward dog", "upward facing dog" "warrior 1, 2, 3″. Yoga is a perfect way to tone your body and also get some wonderful stretches in:) After class I had a Pure Pro Protein Shake.


For lunch I had multi grain Sushi, Triple Squash Soup & fruit from Whole Foods. Was quite yummy:)

Then at 5:15pm, I went for a 6.5 mile run. I did a warm up mile, then did 6 1/2 mile repeats at 3:30 average. The start of my run started off raining, but after 10min, the clouds gave way to WONDERFUL sunshine! I could smell & see the beautiful cherry trees and hear the birds sing. That was my music:) YES, you can workout with an Ipod:)

For dinner I was pretty hungry, so I had: pancakes, Stuffed Cabbage, Black Beans with cheese and Raspberry & Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.

AND of COURSE, water ALL DAY long:)

That was my training for today! Feeling great....tomorrow is TWO weeks till my 50 miler!! WOOHOO!!

As always, smiles & Sarahshine to YOU:)

Photo by Mike Baird