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7 Winter Workouts


7 Winter Workouts


As the East coast gets hammered with yet another ice/snow storm, many are wondering and asking, how will I get my workout in? Never fear! Here are 7 workouts for you to tackle this winter season. No snow around you? No worries! You can still get your sweat on with a few of the workout suggestions below!

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No.1) Stairs. This is one of my personal favorite workouts. Unless you live in a remote part of the country, stairs are usually available. Be them in your home, apartment complex or building, the mall or shopping center, or workplace, stairs are everywhere! Stair workouts are great anytime of the year to build strength, strong hearts and lungs. One benefit or stair workouts? Your legs will tone and get great definition. And we know you want that. :)

No.2) Shoveling. If you are in the snow belt, no doubt you’re familiar with shoveling snow. (And probably a few choice words to go with it!) Shoveling snow can be a really great total body workout. From your legs, obliques, back, arms, core, everything gets worked. Be sure to warm up before you shovel snow to prevent risk of injury. Jumping jacks will do the trick. Have a short driveway? Shovel your neighbors!

No.3) Snowshoes. Another one of my favorite winter activities! You don’t even need to own a pair of snowshoes! REI rents them so grab a pair, some friends and go on a snowshoeing adventure. There is something special about being in the snowy forest and getting a good workout in. It’s peaceful. Calming. And beautiful. I’ve been blessed to snowshoe in the great mountains of Colorado a few times and my soul & body felt so refreshed afterwards. Highly recommend to put this on your list of fitness things to do!

No.4) Skate. Now you might be thinking ice skating, but I’m thinking of a another kind of skate. The “skater” exercise. This can be done a variety of ways. One of my favorites is this one: standing on the right leg, bend the left leg behind the right leg and squat down into a “skater” position. Move the left leg back & forth fast at least 25 times (start with 10 if you are new to exercise). Repeat on the other leg. Another version of this move is to stand on the right leg and get into a squat position. Place the left foot on a towel and drag it and out towards your right leg. Be sure to keep your back from hunching over and make sure your core is engaged. Move the left leg in and out rapidly for 25 times. Repeat on left leg. (This move works best on a smooth surface like a wood floor.) This is also called sliders.

No.5) Ski. Now you don’t have to be a downhill skier to enjoy the benefits of this sport. Nordic or cross-country skiing is a great exercise without fear of falling flat on your face! And since the 2014 Winter Olympics are currently underway, what better way to get inspired than by watching these amazing athletes? (Biathlon has always intrigued me, by the way.)  P.S. Anyone want to do this with me some year? It’s on my must-do list!

No.6) Sculpt. This another exercise you can do anywhere, anytime! Weight/strength training helps build a strong body. You don’t even need a set of weights! Your own bodyweight is perfectly fine. Air squats, tricep dips, pushups, jumping jacks, jumping jack planks, mountain climbers, superman, lunges are all simple moves to incorporate into a HIIT routine. You don’t even have to go outside! Of course if you do have a set of weights at home, even better.

No.7) S(hike). Okay, okay. All the words had to begin with the letter ‘s’. So hike merged with snow. Have you ever gone on a hike in deep snow? It’s quite the heart-healthy workout! It requires you to use full leg range of motion. A s(hike) is also beautiful if snow has just fallen.

--- Your turn!

What are your favorite ways to get active in the cold weather months? Any of your favorites on this list? Any you want to try? And lastly, be sure to catch New Balance #FreshFoam in a city near you! 

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