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The 3 Benefits of Oil Pulling


The 3 Benefits of Oil Pulling


Oil pulling. Is it hype or healthy? Let's find out! The practice of oil pulling has been around for centuries- since ancient Ayurvedic times in fact. The health benefits of oil pulling are fantastic for so many reasons. Here are the 3 benefits of oil pulling.

Oral health. Our mouth is filled with bacteria and given the Standard American Diet (SAD), all those acidic and chemical heavy food-like products take a toll on your oral health which affects everything else. Wellness isn’t exclusive to one thing, it’s all tied together. Bad breath, gum disease, plaque buildup, sensitive teeth, and cavities are just a few unhealthy problems that occur from toxins (pesticides, dyes, acidic products) in our mouth. And in addition, our mouth is a breeding field for viruses, diseases and infections! Are you ready to oil pull?! Oral health is really, really important. By oil pulling you can actually cure the aforementioned oral problems. (Case in point, I was having some toothaches and within a few days of oil pulling they disappeared!) Another thing oil pulling does? Whitens teeth! Forget toxic strips, just oil pull.

Wellness tip: don’t mask bad breath with chemical-filled gum, mints, Altoids. These products are made with ingredients that have been linked to diseases like cancer. Oil pull instead!

Heart health. Did you know that oral health and heart health go hand-in-hand? Well, they do! There is a connection between oral plaque and heart plaque. According to research when there is gum disease people have a greater chance of heart disease. Oil pulling helps to pull all those toxins out of the teeth and gums and naturally detoxifies your mouth making your heart healthy. See how wellness is all connected?!

Overall health. A few other things oil pulling does is to detoxify the body of inflammation, toxins (remember how your mouth is a playground of unhealthy bacteria?!), helps with allergies, congestion, and digestive issues. If you have any kind of chronic inflammatory diseases (RA, Celiac, IBS/IBD, etc) oil pulling is one healthy component to healing your gut. Building a strong immune system is so important to staying well and fighting disease!

How to oil pull

So how do you “oil pull”? First thing upon rising. For most people this is the morning time but if you work night shift, then of course that means your morning is nighttime. Here are the easy step by step directions! It’s not gross (unless you have really, really poor oral health) and 20 minutes goes by in flash.

1) Upon waking DO NOT drink (including coffee, water, etc) or eat anything. Your mouth is full of toxins and bacteria so you don’t want to swallow them!

2) You can keep a jar of oil in your room, bathroom or head into the kitchen. (Bonus: EVCO makes an excellent moisturizer!) With about 1 teaspoon of organic EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*) begin to swish and “pull” the oil through your teeth. Your saliva will mix with the oil to create a “mouthwash” feel.

3) Swish for 20 minutes. (DO NOT SWALLOW as you are removing toxins.) Note: best to do in privacy so you don’t have to do hand motions. Once you get the hang of oil pulling, you can also gargle off & on during these 20 minutes too. And I have personally found that sneezing, coughing, yawning, laughing will become impossible! Just a friendly heads up ;)

4) During these 20 minutes you can check email, put away the dishes, fold laundry, clean house. The minutes go by fast!

5) When 20 minutes are up, spit out into trashcan. Do not spit down the sink drain as the now-toxic-oil will clog it.

6) Rinse your mouth with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). (About a teaspoon.)

7) Brush teeth. (Now you can enjoy some pure H2O!)

8) Repeat every morning for 30 days (healthy habits!) Then you can oil pull Monday-Friday. But once you feel the amazing effects of oil pulling you may never stop!


You can add organic essential oils or organic spices (Turmeric) to your oil pulling routine for even greater health benefits. Here is a suggestion list from Hayley Hobson:

1 drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil: use as an antioxidant to boost immunity.

1 drop of Myrrh Essential Oil: use if you have coughs, digestive issues, or mucus.

1 drop of Clove Essential Oil: use if you have sensitive gums or issues with bad breath.

1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil: use to rid your mouth of bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil: use for allergies or as an antihistamine.

1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil: use if you are depressed or have allergies.

*Other acceptable oils include organic sesame oil or organic sunflower oil.

I highly recommend making oil pulling a part of your daily wellness routine!

--- Your turn!

Do you oil pull? Will you try if you don't? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

 Cover photo credit: SingChan