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My Heart Is Heavy


My Heart Is Heavy


My heart is heavy with how many people there are to help. My fellow citizens who are fat, sick and nearly dead. People thinking they have to live with disease and chronic illnesses.

My heart is heavy because our nation of people no longer knows how to care for themselves. They don’t know how to cook. They don’t know how to eat.

My heart is heavy because people view food as points, portions, calories, pills, restrictive. Not as nutrients that can heal their body and make them well.

My heart is heavy because people feel doomed to this miserable life, only living for Happy Hour or their nightly glass of wine where they can drink their sorrows away.

My heart is heavy because people are bombarded with deceptive advertising from Big Food, Big Soda, Big Ag, Big Dairy, Big Pharma. Big everything has swept across the nation and Big Sick People are the result of it.

My heart is heavy because people don’t know what real food is. Real food is organic food in their natural, pure state: vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, and yes, even meat. But grass-fed, not given hormone injections, humanely raised and killed. (I’m plant-based so no meat of any kind (chicken, beef, fish) for me but I want to make the distinction between real meat and junk meat). McDonald’s doesn’t serve meat, it serves pink slime. Deli meats aren’t meat - just ground up junk. There is a difference.

My heart is heavy because most people buy products and don’t even stop to think how it was made. Big Food products are made with ingredients sourced from slave/child labor, human trafficking. But yet we place that Hershey Chocolate Bar in the grocery cart and don’t even blink an eye because we’ve been brainwashed to believe that our purchases don’t really matter. We can’t really make a difference with our purchases, can we? Child labor doesn’t really happen in this day and age, right?

My heart is heavy because we have highly intelligent people who don’t know how to nourish their body. They are a slave (addict) to soft drinks, junk products (fast food) and artificial sugars and fat. Living for their next high of caffeine, sugar, processed salt, unhealthy fat.

My heart is heavy because the Church turns virtually a blind eye to the ongoing obesity epidemic that is happening right in front of their very eyes. The Bible Belt leads the way in obesity but yet church events still center around (toxic) food: Men’s Prayer Breakfasts, Dads and Donuts, Women’s Luncheons, Fall Candy Festivals.

My heart is heavy because Christians should be leading the way in true health and setting the example but instead they are leading the way in ignoring the problem and continuing the cycle of sickness and obesity. And then pray that God will heal them. Prayer works, but God expects you to do your part too.

My heart is heavy because we have popular Christian leaders talking about sin of adultery, gossip, lying, but failing to see that gluttony is a sin. In fact, gluttony is pretty much celebrated (potlucks, BBQ’s, feasts) in Christian circles. And what about justice issues? Human trafficking is rampant and yet many of the products Christians are purchasing are supporting human trafficking with their money. It’s time for the faith community to wake up. These are social justice issues that need to be addressed and fixed.

My heart is heavy because people think that if they have a coupon, they can buy double of their junk for the price of 1. No, 10 soft drinks for $10.00 is not a deal, it’s poison for a lot more than $10.00.

My heart is heavy because people think that products labeled “fat free, sugar free, low calorie, diet, healthy” are somehow good for them. But in reality these products are filled with man-made deadly fats, cholesterol, artificial sugars and dyes that are made by Big Food companies to addict people for life. (Addicts = customers for life.)

My heart is heavy because we’ve gotten so, so, (so!) far away from the basics that I fear we may never learn how to care for ourselves again. I'm deeply concerned. My soul weeps for our nation.

My heart is heavy because people will sell their souls for money and promotion. “Fitness enthusiasts” promoting McDonald’s, Chocolate Milk filled with pus, hormones, Chobani (GMO, btw) and whatever product comes their way. There is no integrity. (Some) Registered Dietitians promote Big Food, Big Dairy, Coke, Pepsi, and tout Pillsbury pie crust as part of their “sexy diet”. Nothing sexy about hydrogenated oils! Doctors promoting toxic NutriSystem products and fat-free products, God forbid they tell their patients to eat real food. Will the real health and food advocates please stand up and make their voices heard?

My heart is heavy because we live in this instant gratification world. “Moderation in everything!” “Enjoy yourself, just eat this artificially-laden cookie, you deserve it!” These phrases are shouted from the rooftops, but yet our country is drowning in disease, sickness, cancer. And continues to grow daily.

My heart is heavy because people put their life and health on hold for generations until a “study” appears telling them that soft drinks really are terrible for your health. My heart is heavy because people aren’t using common sense, they are simply puppets to the brainwashing of all things Big.

My heart is heavy because people have been duped to believe that healthy food is expensive when in reality getting sick is very, very costly. (Have you priced cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes recently?)

My heart is heavy because we're too afraid to tell others that what they are putting in their body is toxic and deadly and killing them. Say it in a loving way, but don’t sit idly by and watch others die before your eyes. Being PC is killing us.

My heart is heavy because Monsanto will sue farmers in struggling countries, America and Canada. They will kill bees (if we don’t have bees, we don’t have food!), poison our earth, the land we walk (or run) on and the air we breathe. If God wanted genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our environment and food supply, He would’ve made cloned vegetables and fruits and animals. He didn't. Eat real food.

My heart is heavy because people don’t want to hear the truth that what they are putting in their body, on their skin and in their environment is killing them. It’s time to wake up folks. Stop being complacent and begin to educate yourself on what you are putting in your mouth, on your skin and what is going in your country. Be an informed citizen. THIS is your health, your body, your generation, your country. Stand up, walk away from the TV, walk down to the local farmer’s market, cook yourself a homemade meal from scratch, drink a glass of filtered tap water. Crush freshly picked garlic! Learn how long it takes to grow an organic tomato from seed to your plate. Be invested in your health, your life, your country.

Yes, my heart is heavy. But I have hope in the middle of this darkness that people will begin to see the light.

photo credit: Daniel E Lee