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12 Words That Influence My Life

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12 Words That Influence My Life


The other evening while I was working out (and working on book edits- will this thing ever be finished?!) I was pondering the things- words- that influence my life. And ironically they all begin with the letter P! The SCORRE writer in me is happy with this :).

  1. Passion. The thing that gets me out of bed each and every morning is passion. A passion for life. A passion and a deep longing to help the world get and live well. To help small brands grow their presence. A passion to help people find their voice. Passion fuels me and sustains me. Passion is not just something I talk about, it’s how I live my life.

  1. People. If you were to ask me what motivates me, I would respond with the word “people”. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of people. Whether it’s helping them to get well again, encouraging them, sending random cards in the mail or offering a new way to look at things; I love people dearly and want them to know that with all my heart.

  1. Purpose. If I don’t have a purpose, people and passion are pretty void. Having a life purpose gives me direction and keeps me focused, grounds me and reminds not to get distracted by oh-look-at-that-shiny-ball-syndrome. What’s your purpose in life? Once you find it, everything will fall into place. Helpful tip: passion+people = purpose.

  1. Plan. I’m a detailed person. Probably why I love branding and creative marketing and helping companies achieve their goals (or figure them out!). A plan keeps my life sain in the midst of everything that is going on. A plan and a purpose is like (sprouted grain) bread and (grass-fed) butter :) It’s hard to have one and not the other!

  1. Present. This is a daily work in progress. It can be really easy for me to be busy with a million things and forget about the work I am doing. Staying present and focusing on my calling+mission (to educate+empower people about their health) enables me to not get caught up in things that don't matter.

  1. Positive. This one has influenced my life since I was a little girl. When my book is released (May 2014) you’ll hear my personal and vulnerable story and read first hand how keeping a positive outlook and attitude- no matter how rough life got- kept me going. Today, being positive in the midst of disappointment helps me handle the rough waters. Being positive is so important to living a healthy life!

  1. Prayer. I am not religious but I am a deeply spiritual person (dramatic difference between the two). Call it whatever you wish- prayer, meditation, long conversations with God- is an integral part of my life. Each morning before my feet touch the floor and I’m off to do a million and ten things, I ask God to give me strength, to bless my work, that my spirit would be one of love and that everything I do is a reflection of His love. I pray while I run. I meditate while I ride (road cyclist). I have long conversations with God when things just don’t make sense. These times of reflection always reminds me that I am here on the earth for but a short while and to make the most of every second I have.

  1. Praise. If more people gave praise I do believe that this world would be a much happier and peaceful place! Each one of us has a deep desire to be loved, cared for, acknowledged, accepted. One of my daily goals is to praise those around me- be it in person or online. Praise can be random acts of kindness, a note card in the mail, a phone call, a made-from-scratch meal- praise has many different ways it can be bestowed.

  1. Produce. Fresh, organic vegetables (produce) is a staple in my daily life since I can remember. And given today’s war on health, my produce is GMO free. I’m so thankful for whole, real, fresh organic food!

  1. Pull, Push, Plank. Fitness is not just a option in my life, it IS a daily part of my life. Getting active on a daily basis is something I love and crave! No matter where I'm at I can always run, do a few planks, pushups. And if there is a playground nearby, I can do pullups. (My pullup bar doesn’t always fit over the doorways.)

  1. Pace. You gotta crawl before walk and you have to walk before you can run. I have a lot of energy and somedays I want to get it all done, NOW. Running a 100 mile ultramarathon takes steadfast endurance (and a few other things) for 24 hours straight (and then some). So too in life. Sometimes I get ahead of myself with big ideas, zeal and intense longing to help the world. I have to remind myself of my athletic endurance and translate that to life. I can't get it all done today no matter how hard I try! Pace yourself, Sarah.

  1. Pure. Chances are you are probably thinking something entirely different for this word. But to me this word means food and water in their pure, natural state. Nothing processed. Nothing tainted with chemicals and toxins. No added liquids or powders to water (except for chia seeds). This also includes body and skin care products. So many of them contain harmful toxins that damage the endocrine system and hormones. Organic EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a fantastic face and body moisturizer!) Pure foods in their real natural, whole, form.


So those are 12 words that influence and shape my daily life. What words influence your life? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Cover photo credit: Wesley Peyton

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