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How To Be Who You Want To Be


How To Be Who You Want To Be

Do you seek transformation in your life?
What do you long for in 2015 to finally become a reality?
Is there a negative habit you want to break free from?
Where do you want to be 2 years from today?

In order to change who we are we have to change who we are:

#1  Break Bad Habits
In order to change who we are we have to change our behaviors. Maybe you want to quit smoking or perhaps you want to eat better, drink (more) water, move your body, etc. In order for you to change negative behavior to positive behavior (habits) we have to look at what causes us to do the bad habit in the first place. Is it stress? It's been a habit for so long you aren't sure why anymore? What's the trigger for doing what you're doing? Once you get connected to why you do what you do, you can begin to break free from bad habits to live a positive life! 

#2  Become Who You Want To Be
What kind of person do you want to be? Kind, joyous, healthy, a better leader, compassionate? In order to be who you want to be, you have to live who you want to be. Take for example if your desire is to be healthy, then you need to change your lifestyle. This can include where you shop, who you hang out with, your daily schedule. Maybe it’s getting rid of the TV (yes it can be done!) so you can do healthy things like getting quality sleep, or making healthy friends who practice physical activity on the weekends instead of “going out”, or listening to positive, encouraging music. Who you want to be is based largely on the company you keep and your habits. All the “little” things we do will influence our behavior so it’s wise to look at how we’re currently living and determine if that is setting us up for the life we want (and meant) to live.

#3  Believe That You Can Change
Many people sabotage their life by thinking negatively and inwardly believing they can’t change! You are what you think and you live what you believe. Often subtle beliefs about oneself can destroy or greatly derail their life. It can take some work and digging into our past to figure out what we believe about ourselves and separating the truth from the lies. When you begin to change what you believe about your life, your life will transform and you’ll find freedom and joy that you’ve always longed for.

LIFEWORK: How can I change my behavior to live the life I meant to live?


7 Habits of Healthy People


7 Habits of Healthy People


It’s the first week of 2014 and as the days turn on the calendar, many people will lose their resolve to be healthy. This is because they’ve made unsustainable resolutions instead of attainable goals. But the main reason most people do not follow through on their New Year Resolutions is because they haven’t learned that healthy living is a mindset. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A way of life.

So what sets those apart who live a healthy life, day in, day out? Here are seven habits of healthy people.

1. They know it’s a life-long lifestyle, not a short-term diet(s). Healthy people know that it’s a lifestyle, never a diet. Whether it’s a mainstream diet or a lesser known diet, healthy people know it’s about making daily, sustainable changes. They learn how to eat. Counting points doesn’t teach people how to eat. Food isn’t points! Food is nutrition! Real, whole food is life! Depriving yourself of food isn’t a diet, it’s starvation. No matter what comes along in life, healthy people continue to eat healthy. Their bodies crave raw, cold-pressed juice, not a greasy pink slime burger or 17-ingredient french fries. Healthy people also know it’s nutrients in, nutrients to live. Not calories in, calories out.

2. They drink water, not soft drinks (and rarely alcohol).  Regardless of the day, month, year, healthy people are consistent in drinking their water. They carry their reusable water bottle around with them everywhere. They drink at least three liters of pure water daily. And healthy people don’t add toxic powders or liquids to their water either. Consuming a glass of wine daily/weekly, attending every Happy Hour that comes along or having to “celebrate” with a beer for an athletic event are things truly healthy people just don’t do. Free health tip for you: alcohol is acid-forming and disease comes from acid. P.S. Kombucha, organic green and white teas are also beverages of healthy people. But they always drink plenty of fresh, pure water!

3. They eat real, whole foods, not low fat, low calorie, sugar free, fat free, skim products. This is one of the staples of truly healthy people. They are not duped by products with labels that say “low fat, low calorie, sugar free, fat free, skim milk”. (Skim milk is not just “cream off the top, by the way.) Healthy people know the difference between healthy fat and man-made, deadly fat. They eat foods in their whole form (real organic butter, organic whole milk, fresh, organic vegetables & fruit in their whole form). They eat the whole, organic egg (not just egg whites). Big Food Products are not the same as real, whole foods. Healthy people eat real fat (avocado, raw nuts and seeds, coconut, hemp), not processed fat (cheeseburgers, french fries, deli-meats).

4. They live by the choices they make and the word “moderation” is not a part of their vocabulary or mindset. Healthy people have a cookie and enjoy it. Without using the phrase “everything in moderation”. The word (moderation) is used when people feel guilty about their food or drink choices they’ve made that they know they shouldn’t have. How many times have you seen a photo of a plate of freshly made kale chips with a caption that read “everything in moderation!”? Never! Healthy people own the choices they make, they don’t use an excuse to justify poor eating behaviors. Fast food (in reality it’s Fast Death with Disease) is never eaten by healthy people. They know better than to poison their bodies with that artery clogging junk! P.S. You can read more about moderation here.

5. They make reasons to live, not excuses. Healthy people don’t live their life by excuses, they live with reasons. Excuses can creep in very quickly if you aren’t careful. “It’s too cold”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “it’s the holiday season” or “I earned it” are common excuses from people that haven’t learned how to be healthy (yet). In order to live a truly healthy life, you’ve got to get excuses out of your vocabulary and mindset!

6. They don’t let the holiday season or special occasions sway them. The difference between 365-living healthy people and mediocre healthy people is this. I can’t tell you how many posts I saw this last week of so-called healthy people stating they are “going to eat clean” and “no more hamburger helper” and “drink more water”. The holiday season doesn’t deter steadfast healthy people. They plan ahead, bring healthy snacks with them, drink pure water daily, and exercise. They don’t use the holiday season as an excuse to stop living and being healthy. They’ve trained their mind as much as they’ve trained body. How can you tell a healthy person apart from the rest? Living healthy is at their core of everything they do. Healthy living isn't a season, it's an everyday healthy habit. It’s who they are. Day in. Day out. It’s the air they breathe.

7. They cook at home, rarely eating out. Healthy people cook at home with fresh, real ingredients. Regardless if you are plant-based or omnivore, healthy people cook from scratch at home. Healthy people know the joy it brings to cook a homemade meal! They shop at a local farmer’s market or co-op. They use fresh, real, whole food ingredients. Boxes and cans and mixes aren’t a part of their pantry staples. Their fridge is overflowing with organic vegetables and fruit, not plastic cups of GMO yogurt. Healthy people know that nutrition comes from real food. And they’ll prepare nutrient-dense meals, snacks and lunches to keep their body in great health.

And a bonus as it’s really important.

8. They think healthy thoughts instead of negative ones. Healthy people know that what they put in their bodies is just as important as what they think, listen to, watch, read. Your perspective on life is based on what is influencing you. Healthy people keep good, positive company, listen to empowering and positive music, podcasts, shows (and don't watch much TV).

Healthy living is a title you earn by living it faithfully, not given. It’s being consistent - day in, day out. You can’t imagine life any other way. You can’t imagine not eating kale daily or drinking water consistently. Healthy people can’t wait to move their bodies or try new exercises. Healthy living isn’t just a fad, it’s a way of life forever and ever!


Your turn!

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photo credit: LuAnn Snawder