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21 Wellness Goals For You in 2014

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21 Wellness Goals For You in 2014


2013 is but a fleeting moment and as 2014 emerges, people are making resolutions. As I’ve said many times before, resolutions set you up for failure, goals set you up for success. Making goals that are achievable, practical and sustainable is a sure way that you will succeed.

photo (65)
photo (65)

Here are 21 wellness goals ideas for you to give a whirl in 2014! Start with one and add a new goal every other week. By the end of 2014 you’ll have gained a whole new healthy, happy, fit, disease-free life!

No. 1) Drink only pure water and at least 70 oz. each day. If you must have coffee, drink one black cup in the morning. Your body is made up of over 70 percent water - not milk, juice, soft drinks, coffee, caffeine-filled drinks, alcohol. Upon waking drink 20 ounces of pure water (or try this morning cocktail). Carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times. Use a glass water bottle (Life Factory is a great choice). And remember, don’t add artificial powders or liquids to to your water! Bonus: is losing weight a goal for you? Drinking pure water will help you achieve that goal in no time. (Herbal tea, Kombucha and raw, unpasteurized juices- never Naked or Odwalla - are OK to be added in the afternoon or evening, but always drink pure water first and foremost.)

No.2) Make 50 percent of your lunch and dinner plate with raw, fresh, organic veggies! Only 14 percent of Americans are eating the recommend amount of fruits and vegetables (CDC)! Shop at your local farmer’s market for the best, fresh, organic vegetables (bonus: shopping locally is an added goal). Or at your natural health food store. Fill your shopping cart with fresh, organic vegetables! Eating raw plant-based foods gives your body energy and helps to fight disease. Avoid cooking those greens and instead make a salad with a homemade salad dressing (coconut oil + balsamic vinegar).

No.3) No fast “food”! Fast “food” is never part of a healthy life. Ever. There are always healthier, better options around. Yes, you might have to look a little harder for real food options, but they are there.

No.4) At least 10,000 steps per day. Stop sitting and get moving! Enough said. Get a FitBit or Jawbone UP to help keep you motivated.

No.5) Learn to cook at home, eat out rarely. Use real ingredients (not from a package, box, can) and make healthy meals! Buy fresh, organic produce from a farmer’s market or CSA. Cook with your kids. Don’t fear the kitchen! (The kitchen is my favorite place in the home, by the way.)

No.6) Think healthy thoughts. Part of a healthy life is what you think. Your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your way of living. Many of us have very toxic thoughts. It’s going to be really hard to achieve what you want in life if you think negatively. Write on your bathroom mirror positive, life-affirming quotes or affirmations “I am loved, “I am worthy”, “I can make healthy choices” so you can read them first thing in the morning. Read and listen to positive things.

No.7) Say no to dairy. Dairy causes a host of health problems and contrary to the advertising you see and hear, milk does not do a body good (actually the opposite is true). If you always have a cold, congestion or mucus, stop consuming dairy and notice the health benefits it brings you. For more on the harmful side effects of dairy read this.

No.8) Healthy, protein-packed breakfasts. Skip the sugary cereal, bagels, yogurt and other processed carbs that cause your insulin to spike which cause weight gain and other health problems. Instead have a protein-packed breakfast like scrambled, whole eggs with raw spinach or kale, fresh avocado, tomatoes. Or steel cut oats with a scoop of Garden of Life protein powder and some fresh berries. Or a banana mixed with almond or sunflower butter with ground cinnamon and ginger. Or a Tofu veggie stir fry. Many more ideas here!

No.9) Be active throughout the day! Even if you run/walk before work (awesome!), your body still needs to be active throughout the day! Set your alarm to go off on the hour and get up and walk for 10 minutes. Here are 9 more ways to be more active during the day.

No.10) No processed food! Do you honestly know how much processed crap you are consuming? These food-like products are designed to keep your food addiction going. Start creating new, healthy life patterns.

No.11) Educate yourself on what you are putting in and on your body. Read the food labels. Do you really know what makes a food dye (or what I like to call death dyes)? Coal tar and petroleum to name two. Many countries ban what the USA allows. And the USA is also leading the charts in disease, obesity and health [sick] care costs. It’s time to wake up to what we putting in and our body!

No.12) Eat less meat (or better yet, no meat). Meatless Monday is great, but we as a country still eat too much meat. This includes chicken, pork, beef, fish. The majority of meat isn’t even real meat. Deli or lunch meats are loaded with preservatives and chemicals. There is plenty of protein to be found in beans, legumes, quinoa, hemp, pea, etc.

No.13) Think nutrients, not fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free processed products. These Big Food marketing tactics do not have your health in mind, only your hard-earned dollar.

No. 14) Use real food as your “medicine” instead of Pharmaceuticals prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines. Real food (and drink) heals your body, fights disease and enables you to live a healthy and happy life! Drugs only mask the problem and never cure what's ailing you (but only cause other health problems). Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for a real life examples of how fresh, real food cured these people! Become your own health and wellness advocate! If a traditional doctor is simply writing/pushing a prescription instead of seeing what nutrients you are deficient in or not telling you to change your lifestyle, fire them. See a functional doctor instead or this one.


No. 15) Say goodbye to excuses once and for all. Get rid of the excuse “real food is expensive” (fact: getting sick is very costly). Stop saying “I’ll start tomorrow”. Tomorrow waits for no one. Start right now. Today. Did you fall down? Get right back up again!

No. 16) Eat the whole foods! Eat the whole egg- the yolk is not going to kill you. Did you know that if you don’t eat enough cholesterol your body will make it? (Make sure your eggs are from pastured chickens and organic.) It’s the bad man-made cholesterol that you don’t want to eat. And, if you must drink milk, drink organic, whole milk, not skim milk.

photo (32)
photo (32)

No. 17) Ditch the scale. The scale does not give you blood data or fat/muscle ratio. The scale is a poor benchmark for true health. You can be skinny, fat, but have really high cholesterol. Remember that a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, the difference is that it just takes less room. Think nutrients and muscle, not a number on the scale.


No. 18) Become educated on how the food got to your plate, bowl or glass. Was slave labor used? How far did it have to travel to reach you? How was it grown? Killed? Chocolate and meat and dairy are three categories to become educated on. Farm factories and slave labor are two issues that should greatly concern you. Do you really want your money supporting child/slave labor, human trafficking and other inhumane acts? I know I sure don’t. Become your own advocate.

No. 19) Stop believing junk science. Any organization can fund a “study,” but sadly what is lacking is a lot of common sense among us. It is not rocket science to figure out that what God made is good for us (real food) and what is man made (soft drinks, fast food, processed food) is terrible for our health. Just because Coke will fund a study saying that artificial sweeteners are OK does not mean they are. They are a company that wants to boost their profits, not your health. Also, if you need to have a study prove that organic food or drinking water is good for you, you’re living in the excuse mode of life. Again, common sense over junk science!

No. 20) Support organic farms and products, not Monsanto, Dow Chemical (GMO). If there is one thing on this list that you tackle first, make not buying GMO products a top priority. You might need to change your shopping habits but in return you’ll gain health. FYI: the same company (Monsanto) that made Agent Orange produces GMOs.

No. 21) Real Skin care. Your skin is the largest organ (60 percent) but sadly many slather chemicals on it without even thinking! Use pure skin care products from small companies and do not buy any products with these toxins. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!


Your turn! On the scale of 1-10, where is your health? Where do you need to improve? What are some of your wellness goals for 2014? Share in the comments below to inspire others in their wellness journey! And as always, we're here to help you! We have a variety of wellness plans for you. Use the contact form above to get in touch with us so you can start your healthy life journey today!

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