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7 Health Legacies to Give Our Children

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7 Health Legacies to Give Our Children


Have you ever thought about about the health legacy you are building for your children? As parents we set the foundation for the rest of their life and it's important to leave them with a wellness foundation that is healthy in mind, body and spirit. Here are 7 health legacies to give to our children. 1) Teach them where their food comes from

Today, many children (and adults) do not know where their food comes from and think chocolate milk comes from a cow. Food education is critical to helping children eat healthy for the rest of their life. Now, this may involve some education and research on your part, but it's so worth it! Food is not just calories on a plate, it's food to nourish our body and prevent disease. This might be the time to start buying local produce and food if you aren't already. Real food is not made in a lab, real food is grown on small farms with organic practices that care for the earth for years to come. Begin to investigate how far the food you are buying travels to get to your plate. The average food travels 1,500 miles. And this is taking a toll on our health, our environment, our air. Teaching your kids where their food comes from may also inspire you to make healthier choices for you and your family!

2) Teach them how their food is made


Do you know how the cereal was made that you are pouring into their bowls? What about eggs, meat, dairy? Was it made with harmful ingredients that you can't pronounce? Or was it made with local ingredients? A healthy relationship with food sets a healthy relationship for our children for years to come. Food is fun! Food is made-from-scratch with fresh, organic, local ingredients. Real food doesn't grow on cans or cardboard boxes. Teaching them how their food is made can involve a trip to the local farmer's market and your local, organic farmer. Visit your local beekeeper (no bees, no food!). Sign up for a CSA (Community Supported (Sustainable) Agriculture). See if your town or city has a community garden. If they don't, why start one with your neighbors? It's fun and relaxing to get your hands in fresh soil! When we get back to the basics of our food system we teach our children healthy principles for generations to come. 

3) Teach them how to cook and bake

One of the great travesties is that people no longer cook in their kitchen! (This personally makes me sad.) Learning to cook and bake is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children for years to come! Buy local, fresh, organic ingredients and make meals from scratch. Rely on what's in season instead of using a microwave. Make yummy chocolate chip cookies from scratch with real ingredients (real, whole butter, organic whole wheat flour, Celtic sea salt) instead of a mix. Have a-make-your-own pizza night! Making naturally gluten free dough is super easy. Have the kids pick their toppings. More pizza ideas here. Tip: if your attitude is "but I don't like to cook!" change your attitude. It doesn't serve anyone to have that outlook! Rely less on the commercial grocery store products and more on your kitchen (and local farmer) for your food. P.S. the kitchen is awesome.

4) Teach them to thank a local, organic farmer

A thankful heart is another part of a healthy life. And one place to start is with your local, organic farmer. Build a relationship with them! Thank them for the food they provide, for their care for the soil and earth and air. If we lose our small local farmers we lose out on our health for generations to come. Children will love visiting the farms! Make it a weekly or bi-weekly routine.

5) Teach them by setting a positive example

Healthy eating habits are set and learned by you. Your attitude towards the kitchen, healthy eating and physical activity all starts with you (no pressure, right?!). Children will follow your lead so you have a big responsibility! Set the positive example by showing them that it's natural to eat kale chips, drink pure water, run, practice yoga, ride bikes, shop at local farmer's markets!

6) Teach them that living a healthy life always looks for ways to give back

We live in an instant gratification society and it's having a negative impact on our lives and on our world. By teaching them to look around them and see how they can help others will instill a grateful attitude in their tender hearts. It can be as simple as picking up trash at the playground, making a warm meal for the homeless family on the street corner or contributing funds to build a well in Africa for the millions that don't have access to the basic human right of clean water. Gratefulness is a great healthy habit that will have lasting dividends.

7) Teach them that healthy habits will last them for a lifetime

Building healthy habits is critical for the rest of their lives. Healthy living will be a natural part of their life and in turn they will be able to help others. Teach them that eating for health and disease prevention is a great thing! Let them see you getting active. Let them hear you speak encouraging words. Ride your bikes together to the local playground or park. Make healthy living a family affair!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Udi's Gluten Free. The opinions and text are all mine.

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