On the eve of leaving for my birthday project! A mix of emotions for what is before me. Excited but also remembering that mountains alway make the rules (namely, weather!).

For those who don't know me that well, I celebrate my birthday with an athletic+charitable challenge. There have been some epic adventures over the years!

For 2016, I'm taking on this: to climb some more challenging peaks in a short period of time and to help Bill Middlebrook complete his fundraising efforts for CFI! I figured why not combine my love of the mountains?

You can directly donate here: https://www.coloradogives.org/cfi2016billm

And when donate, send me a screenshot of your donation receipt and I'll send you a birthday card on YOUR birthday!

Here are the mountains on my agenda:

Mt. Wilson

El Diente

(Possibly summiting Wilson Peak again)


Matterhorn (not a 14er but linking up these 3 together)


San Luis



Maroon Bells Traverse

Some 13ers on the San Luis day

I'm looking forward to climbing with some great people along this celebration journey. I'll be posting photos and updates pending phone reception. :)