The other week during a wellness counseling session with a client, I spoke these words “life is not a microwave’.

This quote was in response to how the majority of people want instant results for their long-standing problems.

  • Have to lose 100lbs? Schedule a surgery.
  • Can’t sleep? Take a pill.
  • Unhappy with the color of your skin? Stand inside a booth with artificial light.
  • Don’t have time to make dinner? Sit in the car and order from the drive-thru.
  • Need your caffeine high? Push a button.
  • Office on the 10th floor? Stand on the elevator.
  • Rushed for breakfast? Throw something in the microwave.
  • We can read the news (term used loosely) with a flick of our finger.
  • We can swipe right or left to find a date.
  • We can have our groceries delivered in less than an hour!
  • Which is closer- by mere minutes- Uber or Lyft?  

The examples of instantaneous “results” are too numerous to list! I’m sure you can think of some as well. However, the results aren’t authentic results. They are convenience-based results versus life sustaining change. Life is not a microwave. Life is not about hacking, cutting, grinding, counting or cheating. (All popular terms that are used to describe how many people eat, exercise, live life.)

The problem with living in this microwave mindset is that it sets people up for unreasonable expectations and major disappointment. People want what they want when they want. (Say that 10 times fast!) Then one day they wake up to the fact that they are in debt- financially and health-wise. They’ve maxed out their cards (literally and figuratively) and their results have lend them to being stuck, sick and sad. How tragic!

Results transpire when we work diligently, have a positive mindset and maintain healthy habits. It is unrealistic to expect results instantly for something we’ve been negatively contributing to for years.

  • It took _ years to put the weight on, it will take time to lose the weight.  
  • It took _ years to get into debt, it will take time to get out of debt.
  • It took _ years to have sleep problems, it will take time to build healthy, peaceful, restful sleep habits.  

Sooner than later the microwave mindset will burst and people will become sick and tired of being sick and tired. In order to shift from the microwave mentality to a place of peace, we need to look at how we’re living life.

Symptoms have to be healed in order for the problem to be resolved. Most people want the problem (sleep, health, relationship, wealth) to be fixed but fail to change the course of their lifestyle (symptoms) that lead to their problem in the first place!   

Here are three questions to ask yourself to shift from the microwave mindset to a mindful mindset.

No.1) What are my beliefs?

I talk about this in my book, Live Freely, that our beliefs must be detoxed in order to live the life we desire and were created for. If our belief system (i.e. the thoughts we think) is rooted in fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy or doubt, then we will make choices based out of those negative emotions.

If our internal belief system is based on the lies we’ve been told (not good enough, not an A++ student, or that our self worth is based on the amount of education we have or how much money is the bank account), we will continue to live a unfulfilling, sad, doom and gloom life.  

No.2) What am I focusing on?

What are you focusing on? Where you focus is where your energy will go. So, if your energy is focused on “life sucks, the world is out to get me, I can never lose this weight, I’ll never be able to have restful sleep, I’m never going to be happy, I’ll never find a life partner, there’s never enough money….”, you will get exactly what you are focusing on! Be super mindful of what you are focusing on because that is where your energy is going. We go in the direction of where think. Read the first question again. If your thoughts are negative, pessimistic and unhealthy, you will obtain a negative, pessimistic and unhealthy outcome! Are you more focused on just getting rid of the problem or actually changing the way you live and think about life? Weight issues will rarely be resolved if the focus is simply on just losing weight. The weight that was lost will almost always be gained back again because the symptoms (lifestyle behaviors) were never dealt with. A person in debt can’t simply focus on paying off their credit cards without changing their behaviors (habits) that got them into debt in the first place! If people don’t change their behaviors they will end up right back in debt. A person in disease (debt) can’t simply focus on their problem (sleep, weight loss, chronic fatigue) without addressing the behaviors (habits) that got them into disease in the first place.

No.3) What has more room in my life?

What has more room in my life?

  • Worry or peace?
  • Fear or love?
  • Anxiety or contentment?
  • Regret or hope?
  • Sadness or happiness?

In order to shift from the microwave mindset to a mindful mindset, we must take inventory of what is taking up space in our minds and subsequently, our lives. If we are constantly filled with worry, fear, anxiety, then we will stay worried, fearful, anxious! Now, does that sound fun to you? I sure hope not!

Begin to fill your mind with healthy and helpful practices such as meditation (check out Headspace), take deep, calming inhales and exhales when you are feeling overwhelmed or worried, take up a yoga practice to empower peace and serenity into your mind and life, surround yourself with positive, uplifting friendships, remove anything from your life that does not bring you joy, peace and happiness. Lastly, every time you feel a negative emotion surface, replace it with a truth affirmation statement. (Get a copy of Live Freely for some examples.)


Over time- if you are dedicated to truly changing the way you live life- you will discover that your quality of life will improve and the problems you once had are either less frequent or non-existent all together. Imagine that!