I am you and you are me

As I pulled up to the red light earlier the other evening there was an older lady holding a cardboard sign. There's been an uptick in the homelessness in this area recently. :(

Much to her delight, I hand her a bag of food and wished her a goodnight.

Here's the cool part: the car to my left started honking. I look over and they are giving the lady money! My simple gesture of kindness started a chain reaction. A positive domino effect.

Daily my prayer is that each one of us will remember that we are all connected, I am you and you are me. There is much that tries to divide us. Walls are built, literally and figuratively. We are more disconnected than ever.

We must remember that we are snowflakes in a grove of Aspen trees: each divinely and uniquely put on this earth in harmony and connection.

There are no two snowflakes alike.

Aspen trees are always in groves. There are no solo Aspens.

May we use nature to remind us of our connection to each other so that we can build bridges instead of walls, pathways instead of dividers, open doors instead of locked gates.