Everyday I see things that make me cringe and remind me that the work is never done. The message of wellness is a 24/7 job. I’m glad I’ve been living this way as long as I can remember so I can help people today.

This morning as I was browsing my social timelines I came across an “influencer” in the health space with a large following. On her Instagram account she had a photo of General Mills Chocolate Toast Crunch Cereal with the caption “this has some serious potential, dessert tonight! Thanks, General Mills”.

To say I almost had a heart attack is an understatement. Furthermore, this woman does CrossFit- this cereal is NOT paleo by any stretch of imagination- and is also pregnant.

1) Do people realise what they put their body? See following point.

2) This is a box of GMO ingredients and toxins. BHT for one. BHT is a fuel additive. Yes you read that right. BHT is a preservative that is banned in England, it damages heart cells and in animal tests showed brain bleeds. Who wants that in their food or body?! Tell me why this is being promoted on a fitness account? (BHT is in all Big Food products, btw.)

3) Sugar content. Cancer feeds on sugar. And let's not forget that obesity loves sugar too.

So why are people selling out? Here's why:

A) Because Big Food has a very large public relations and marketing budget.

B) Because (many) people will sell their soul for anything. Integrity seems to be a lost virtue and it is appalling to me.

This is not about being perfect. It’s about having morals and integrity. It’s about not selling your soul. It’s about taking a stand and not accepting money or product that is killing your fellow citizens.

Not only do I have to educate others learn how to eat, I also have to educate these “fitness enthusiasts” and call out BS when it occurs. I think it’s high time that we bring back integrity to our lives and especially if you call yourself a “health warrior” or “fitness enthusiast”. Regardless if you have 50 or 50,000 followers take your responsibility seriously.

Now a plea, a very loud plea to personal trainers, fitness experts, health experts, “fitness enthusiasts” or whatever you call yourself in the wellness field, bloggers in general please, PLEASE! Start giving this industry some integrity by not accepting everything that comes from a PR company or straight from the company itself. Do your homework. Find out what the label means. Investigate. Do you really want to be promoting child/slave labor? Obesity? It’s an oxymoron to be in the health space and be promoting products that make you fat and give you disease! Aren’t you trying to help people live?!

The food industry (largely Big Food) spends $40 billion (that’s billion with a capital B) is spent on advertising each year. $40 billion on deceptive marketing. Don’t be a puppet with them.

  • Please, please don’t sell out for free product.
  • Please, please don’t sell out for money.
  • Please, please stop promoting Big Food (anything Big for that matter).

More than ever before we need to be promoting real food and companies that do the same. You will find that very few meet this criteria. That is why this website, our Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and Google+ pages exist.  We encourage people to cook with real food. Motivate and educate people to really learn what they are putting in their bodies. This isn't a hobby, this is our mission and calling. (And oh by the way, I live this day in, day out. There isn’t one piece of advice I give that I haven’t lived myself for years.)

This job is only going to get harder. With the rise of GMO, health-washing, and use of false health terms, we need people who are committed to calling out the untruths in the food industry. (Robyn O’Brien  Andy Bellatti, Marion Nestle and Michele Simon do a great job on this.)

I pray that you will be proactive at learning what you put in your body. And also what you are promoting. Not all products are created equal. And very products are worth selling your soul for (free) or (money).

Integrity is of utmost importance to me and you can rest assured the products I recommend, eat and buy are vetted with scrutiny.

Do you live with integrity? If not start right now!

Cover photo credit: Jessica Merz (Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, btw)