Working out, running, exercising, hitting the gym all the while consuming processed junk products is like driving a Prius as they smoke and throwing the cigarette out the window. One healthy behavior doesn't cancel out a terrible habit.

Many people fall into this way of living and then wonder why they are chronically sick, injured, tired, fatigued, can't recover from workouts, always sore, have allergies and sleeping problems.  

Well, the answer lies in the choices people are making, i.e. lifestyle. When you are feeding your (amazing, wonderful, beautiful!) body trash, of course you’ll have health problems. This is your body’s way of expressing itself. Be it headaches, chronic pain, sleep problems, [insert your health ailments here], our body is constantly giving us feedback. The feedback can be in the form of a headache or clarity, fatigue or energy, insomnia or peaceful sleep. Our bodies are so incredible but sadly, many are so used to numbing out the second they feel pain or discomfort. Again, pain and discomfort is simply feedback. We can take that feedback and turn it into (inspired) action for how we’re choosing to live life. Or we can continue to suppress that feedback and keep living stuck, sick and sad. 

I encourage you to take a look at your current nutrition and lifestyle choices and start making changes to it so you can live well, run long, jump, push, pull, lift, move your body without pain, sleep well, look great and prevent disease!