Happy New Year! Whether you went out last night or slept through the ball dropping (that would be me!) my prayer for you this year is that you will find peace in the storm, light in the darkness, real food in your community, pure H2O in your glass and a heart to serve others.

As we turn the page on another year a lot of goals (not resolutions!), hopes, dreams and expectations come with it. Maybe it’s the hope that this year will be better than last year.  Or that your dream of losing those last 10 pounds or getting that job you’ve always wanted comes true. Regardless of your hopes and dreams, a lot of expectations come when we turn the calendar on January 1. So how can you make this your best year ever? Here are seven ways to make 2014 your best year ever!

#1) Live healthy. This is a no-brainer, right? It’s hard to be truly happy when you are eating junk “food” and are overweight. By getting back to the basics (eat real food, drink pure water) and being active throughout the day, health and happiness can be found. Remember, health comes before wealth! If you don’t have your health, you can lose what you hold dear to your heart - family, friends, house, car, vacations, etc. Make your health a top priority and things will fall into place. (And, your outlook on life may just change for the better, too!) Need help getting started? Sign up for our 21 day {wellprint} challenge!

#2) Live with others in mind. The majority of the world lives with a “me first” mentality. Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually is very important and helping others is also a part of these three components of a healthy life. So many of us live with our heads buried in a smartphone (guilty as charged) and forget that there are living, breathing people all around us that could use a smile, a door held open (moms with strollers will appreciate this!), a kind word or two, a hug or a hot, healthy meal delivered to let them know that they do matter and are cared for. And globally, children are just waiting for someone to love them.

#3) Live with no lofty expectations. We get in trouble when we place high expectations on ourselves with unrealistic goals. Aiming for the stars is great but if you don’t have a clear-cut action plan of reaching those stars you will only end up frustrated. Make realistic and achievable goals to set yourself up for success instead of despair. Also, stop living your life with the expectations that others place on you. This is your life, not theirs. Perhaps you are a lawyer or a doctor only because a parent put those expectations on you and today you find yourself miserable. Make this your best year ever by saying no to living life based on the expectations of others and yes to living your life!

#4) Live with healthy friendships. The company you keep is how you’ll live. Who you surround yourself is so important. You can hang out with people that inspire you to live better or be brought down by people. Look back at #1 in this article. Living healthy means that you might need to change who you hang out with. Going out for happy hour with co-workers regularly? That’s not going to help you have the best year ever! Instead, hang out friends who will go with you for a run, a yoga class and raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurized juice afterwards. Healthy friends will build you up and encourage you, not tear you down or make you feel bad for your healthy choices. Keep healthy company!

#5) Live with no excuses. Too often we live life with excuses: “I didn’t have a good childhood”, “I failed yesterday”, “I’ll start tomorrow”, “the weather isn’t perfect”- you name it, the excuses are vast. Change can not happen when excuses are present in our head. Trade in excuses for reasons to live!

#6) Live with a positive attitude. Want to have your best year yet? Have a positive attitude! I can’t tell you how many times I see people sabotage their life (and drag others with them) by having a pessimistic, negative attitude and outlook. It’s not productive nor helpful to yourself or anyone around you. If you live with gloom and doom- guess what? You’ll get gloom and doom! Make an intention every time you wake up to have a positive outlook on life. Tough times will come and having a positive attitude ingrained in you will help you get through them. P.S. hanging out with good company will help you have a positive attitude!

#7) Live with forgiveness. Hanging on to old hurts is going to keep you stuck for life. Forgiving others allows you to live in freedom today. It doesn’t mean that what they did you to was right (it wasn’t), it simply means that you have chosen to not live with a grudge for the rest of your life. Forgiving is a process (especially if the offense was horrific) but making a decision to live life with forgiveness instead of a chip on your shoulder will help you to have the best year ever!


Your turn! What is your goal to make 2014 your best year ever?


photo credit: Rich MacDowell

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