Acai bowl

Do you eat superfoods? Superfoods (organic of course) are needed by the body for optimal health, disease prevention, and overall wellness! There are so many superfoods it was hard to narrow down the list, but here are 3 amazing superfoods to incorporate into your lifestyle starting today! (And of course they are naturally gluten free.)Chia

You've probably heard of chia but not known why it's so good for you! For starters the nutritional profile includes protein, iron, calcium, fiber, omega-3s, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B1- as you can see, chia is a nutritional powerhouse! All of these minerals and vitamins are essential for your health- your heart, helping with stress (B Vitamins), your bones, blood. This why I always say eat for health.

How to use:

Chia seeds are really easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. They make a great addition to your reusable, non-plastic water bottle for physical activity (I use while running ultra marathons and ultra cycling). Because chia seeds hold up to 12 times their weight they expand and make a fantastic binder. You can make jam (check this recipe out for Strawberry Jam), coconut pudding, you can bake with chia flour, and if you need additional fiber, chia seeds also make a great choice (please don't take Metamucil)!

You can buy chia seeds here.


One of my favorite superfoods is hemp! Hemp is a complete protein meaning that it contains all 10 essential amino acids. It's also full of good, healthy fats and omegas 3 and 6 which help the health of skin and hair, hormone balance, reduce inflammation, heart health. It's important to note that hemp is the only food course of GLA (omega-6) which is why it's such an amazing superfood! Hemp also contains iron, fiber, magnesium, and many other amazing real nutrients for your body!

How to use:

Hemp seeds are extremely versatile to use. My main tip is to get creative with them. Sprinkle on salads, make hemp mylk, add to smoothies (great for after a workout!), make a quinoa hemp salad or a nut+hemp heart cereal topped with fresh organic fruit. Yum!

You can buy Hemp Hearts here.

Bee Pollen

Organic {made from scratch} Acai Bowl
Organic {made from scratch} Acai Bowl

How to use:

Sprinkle on top of an organic acai bowl, on top of organic smoothies, and straight up (on a spoon) and before and after a workout.

Where to buy bee pollen, read this. 

Note: If you have never eaten bee pollen before, start taking it slowly with one or two granules under the tongue. If your body handles it fine, increase the amount a little each day. The amount will vary from person to person. After your body is used to it, increase amount and take it daily.

What are your favorite superfoods?

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