Think you can’t do yoga? Well think again because anyone can do yoga!

When most people first hear the word “yoga” they immediately conjure up thoughts of a monk in a far away land or they think of someone in a twisted pretzel pose and conclude they could never do that! Well friends, I’m here to inform you that anyone can do yoga.

Why? Because even though yoga has many different styles and poses the elements of yoga can benefit anyone regardless of flexibility and gender.

Here are 7 reasons why anyone can do yoga:

1) Yoga is about connecting breath with movement

If you have taken a yoga class with an experienced yoga teacher they will usually cue the sequence movement with breath. Even though yoga has thousands of poses given all the variations it’s important not to forget about breathing as you are moving your body through the yoga sequence. Always come back to the breath. This is one of essences of yoga.


Model: Sarah Stanley. Photo credit: Doug Kean Shotz

2) Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practice to transform the body and mind 

This is the definition of yoga and I love it! Many things are spiritual to me as well as physical and mental: running on the trails, climbing a 14,000 foot tall mountain, cycling on the open roads, moving my body on my yoga mat. (Spending time with my faith community as well as listening to good worship music round out my spiritual practices.) Every time we step on our yoga mat we have another chance to build a strong mind and body. This strength will get you through the tough times in life that are bound to happen. If you can tame your monkey mind you can do great things.

3) Yoga is about community

Have you ever been a part of a strong yoga community? I’ve had the privilege of being part of one and it was one of the best times of my life. A yoga community can be a soft place to land when the storm is tossing you around like a paper airplane. It does take being vulnerable and opening your soul to those around you to be part of a supportive and thriving yoga community as this is where growth and transformation happen. Being vulnerable can be scary and perhaps that’s why more people don’t take yoga (headstands anyone?) for fear of looking stupid or whatever story they keep telling themselves. However, freedom is found when we embrace the scary places and walk through them with another person.

4) Yoga is about being present

I’ve had a yoga teacher who told us that if we only did one pose the entire class he would be happy. And that pose was being present and focusing on our breathe. When was the last time you JUST focused on your breathing? As I’m sure you know oxygen is important for our health (duh!) but many people hold their breath without even realizing it. Be present (no more multitasking). And focus on your breath.

5) Yoga can be done anywhere, anytime

Just like running, yoga can be done anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to be on your mat at 9 a.m. every morning to practice downward facing dog or to focus on your breathing! Yoga can be done on the airplane (close your eyes and focus on your breath alone), in airports, in the mountains, by the lake, or on the living room floor. Note: if you have anxiety or other mood issues yoga is a fantastic way to help calm the mind and heal the body.

6) Yoga is about calming and strengenthing the mind

Ever find yourself caught up with the chatter in your head? Me too. This is why yoga is so beneficial for anyone! Whether you take 15 minutes at home or 60 minutes at your local yoga studio this time is for yourself to put the past and future aside and simply focus on the present. Tune in to your body. How does it feel? Focus on your breathing and every time your mind starts to wander off bring your awareness back to it. (Tip: if you have trouble falling asleep focus on your breathing.)

7) Yoga is about daily practice

Getting into the healthy habit of setting all else aside and focusing on your mind, body, spirit for at least 15 minutes a day will have you seeing results you didn’t think were possible. A daily practice is going to look different for each of us. The point is that once you establish the healthy habit of daily mind+body+spirit awareness will you understand the positive benefits of yoga (and healthy living in general). Do you think about brushing your teeth? Probably not. It’s a habit deeply ingrained in you. So to is the daily healthy habits we get the honor of forming each and every day!

Peace and love to you~

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Cover photo credit: Brad Coy

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