Do You Use Protection?

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Do You Use Protection?

Now before you assume what I’m asking and answer “yes”, keep reading.

We live in a day and age where eyeballs and hands are glued to their plethora of devices: smart phone, iPad, laptop. Even our ears have a Bluetooth device! And how do we read books these days? A device! What do these have in common: electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

These gadgets are harming our health greatly. From cancer to sleep issues to a generally disconnected society. 

RF Safe provides a great overview of how this radiation works and it's relationship to our wellbeing. 

From SafeSleeve they write: “An increasing number of doctors and scientists are warning that prolonged exposure to EMR increases our risk of various diseases from Leukemia, to cancerous tumors, to Alzheimer's and ALS and more. This is why the EPA has labeled EMFs a "class 3 carcinogen" and the IARC considers them "possibly carcinogenic to humans," a description also given to substances like Chloroform, Lead and DDT".

The following graphic shows radiation absorption into the head when speaking on a smartphone (credit: Safe Sleeve).

GreenMedInfo write this and if you are a parent or caregiver, this is a must-read. 

It’s especially concerning when babies, toddlers, children are given devices! Using them on their laps right next to their reproductive organs) is not exactly healthy. Or pregnant women using their device right on top of their beautiful belly! Or how about the women sticking their smartphone in their bra?! 

Other devices to be aware of (I choose not to use):

  • Apple Watch
  • Any fitness tracker/wearables (Fitbit, Bellabeat, Garmin Vivoactive, etc)

  • Any device next to the bed that use EMR or EMF

  • Any earpiece (Bluetooth) using EMR, EMF, Wi-Fi

  • Kindles, Nooks, etc

  • Baby monitors with Wi-Fi or similar, including the Owlet

Lastly, note the dangers of Wi-Fi as written about in this article. (Have trouble sleeping? Read on!) 

Buy protection from RF Safe and/or Safe Sleeve. (I use both.)

Steps to protecting you and your family:

  • Limit or remove devices from children

  • Build and implement new habits like playing with wooden toys, do a puzzle, color, play in nature, build forts, paint, draw, read paperback books, teach them how to cook, bake a nourishing meal or dish

  • Parents: change your habits too!

  • Keep phone in another room and turn on airplane mode (do not sleep with your phone) at night

  • Buy an alarm clock that plugs into the wall so you don’t have to use your smartphone

  • Do not use Bluetooth or other wireless devices/earpieces

  • When speaking on the phone use plug-in headphones and protection on your phone (I use this one). 

  • Keep devices far away from your body

  • Use protection whenever possible

  • Read paperback or hardcover books vs on devices

  • Do not hold smartphone directly to ear

EMF protection FB.png

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Why Corn Is Killing You


Why Corn Is Killing You

Talk about a catchy title!

If the title lead you to this article, welcome! While you might think the title is farfetched, once you finish reading this you might see why I chose it. :) 

If you haven't watched King Corn, I highly recommend that you make time to watch it. You can watch it on Amazon Prime, Netflix or iTunes. It is well worth your time.

The next time you are in a supermarket, pick up a package and read the ingredient list. Notice anything? The word "corn" perhaps? It is in practically everything you eat and consume! Most of the time that ingredient is not straight corn, it's corn masked as High Fructose Corn Syrup. And HFCS is in just about every conventional product- from soda to bread to crackers to cake to chips to medications to vitamins to shampoos...the list is endless. Sugar alcohols like erythritol, xylitol are even made with GMO corn! Plus, products that aren't labeled like commercial meats and eggs contain corn. Chickens and eggs are both fed corn which ends up in your body and even the strands of your hair. (Whoa!) What am I referring to?

In the King Corn documentary, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis both had their hair tested and it came back with corn in it. Why? Well, the "foods" they were consuming had corn in them. And thus their award-winning documentary was born.

Think that burger, french fries and shake you buy and eat doesn't have corn in it? Think again. Pretty much everything you consume has corn in it. And I'm not talking about sweet corn, but field corn. Field corn is then processed into HFCS, corn starch, corn syrup, additives, ethanol (fuel) and animal feed to name a few.

Why is corn killing you? Let's start with a few background facts about corn: 

  • Corn is the No. 1 crop in America.
  • Corn is in everything you eat and drink (if you don't pay careful attention).
  • Corn is used to make fuel (ethanol).
  • Over 55% of Iowa's corn crop is sent out of the country.
  • U.S. corn production is two times any other crop.
  • Approximently 88% of conventional corn crops are genetically modified.
  • In the last 15 years, taxpayers paid corn farmers more than $77 billion (cited from King Corn).
  • Ten % of America’s farmers collect more than 75 percent of the subsidies (cited from King Corn)
  • Since the late 1970s, the real price of fruits and vegetables increased by 30 percent, while prices for soft drinks decreased by 34 percent (cited from King Corn).
  • Over the last 20-50 years, corn seed has been genetically modified to resist synthetic herbicides and pesticides so that corn plants that can live close together. (And in turn these herbicides and pesticides have created Superbugs and Superweeds.) 
  • Today, one acre of corn can produce 200 bushels of corn = 500 tons of "food" per acre (but yet "food insecurity" is at an all time high). But remember, that 500 tons is not edible straight from the corn plant. 
  • 40 million tons of corn never even make it to market each year!
  • 50% of corn is turned into feed will which will ultimately end up in your hamburger, steak, eggs, glass of milk.
  • 32% of corn is exported and/or turned into ethanol (not food).
  • The most alarming fact is that GMO corn seed contains the epicyte gene in it. What's the epicyte gene? The epicyte gene sterilizes males and females. (Wonder why infertility is so rampant?!) 
  • GMO corn has also been engineered with the synthetic herbicide, BT.
  • GMO corn is a registered pesticide. Yes, a registered pesticide.  



This is why corn is (slowly) killing you. Shockingly, most people don't care or pay attention to these facts.

It's important to note that most farmers today can't even feed themselves! Why? Because the corn has to be processed in order for anyone to eat it. The corn seed has been genetically modified (GMO) to produce more crops. More crops equals more money from the government. However, more crops do not equal more edible, clean, safe food.  

Field corn (not to be confused with sweet corn) is not edible straight off the plant. In order for a person to consume it, the corn has to be processed. Typically in the form of HFCS, fillers, etc. This is also why thousands of corn is sitting in grain lots, becoming moldy and unusable over time. So if humans can't eat corn straight off the plant, why are conventional animals being given this? It. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense. (But it does make cents. And lots of them.)

The corn that is being served to consumers today is causing us great disease.

Because (organic) farming is near and dear to my heart, let's not forget that Monsanto (and other chemical companies like DuPont, Bayer) are controlling the seed the conventional farmer uses, the synthetic herbicides and pesticides and ultimately controlling the health of you and me. (For what it's worth: according to Farm Aid, 330 family farms are sold every week.) 

GMO Corn Seeds.jpg

Notice the difference between the hands? One has a glove, the other does not.  


Bigger farms, bigger farm equipment (sprayers, tractors, combines) have taken over the little family farm. This has left our country in a state of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. We've exchanged our health and happiness for money. When small family farms all across the globe are taken over by the chemical companies, the food you eat changes. The health of the soil changes. The quality of the air you breathe and water you drink changes. Your health decreases. Happiness is constantly being chased. There's no debate that we are a sick, stuck and sad nation! 

As mentioned above, corn is used in a variety of ways. One of which is animal feed. Cows (and chickens) are predominantly fed corn. Why is this not a good thing? Well, when you feed a cow corn, they die. Seriously. A cow was not created to digest corn. But by feeding cows corn, the cows can gain weight quicker, taken to the slaughterhouse sooner so they can get paid faster. Feeding cows corn is an unethical practice.

While we're on the topic of cows, let's pause here for a second. Cows weren't made to standstill (just like humans!) but in commercial feedlots today, cows live in tight, confined spaces with corn as their only option in the food trough. Less physical movement also means that weight gain is sooner which means the cows will be in the "food" chain quicker. Cows are also given antibiotics. In fact, 80% of antibiotics in the U.S. are given to cows. The majority of meat on your plate if you choose to eat it is from an obese cow fed GMO corn. And an unhealthy cow leads in part to unhealthy people. Remember that everything is connected! You are what it [cow, egg, chicken, pork, plant] ate, was sprayed with, injected, etc. 

If you do choose to eat meat (and consume dairy), please, please make sure it's organic. It is imperative that you do not consume GMO corn.  

Field corn is not edible. It has to be processed before anyone can consume it. So if humans can't eat it, why should animals eat it? It. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

In the meantime, eat conventional corn? I strongly urge you to think about removing corn from your food plate (or bowl). Your health will improve because your body wasn't made to process and digest chemicals and GMOs.

If you are gluten-free, it is even more important to go corn-free. Corn is in virtually all gluten-free products and unless the package states as organic corn, you are consuming glyphosate (the main ingredient in the synthetic herbicide Roundup; a carcinogen) plus the epicyte gene, plus Bt! The synthetic pesticides and herbicides in addition to a foreign gene will destroy your health and your gut quicker than gluten ever will! 

Read labels carefully. Look at the Rx and OTC medicine ingredient list. There is corn in so many of the cough syrups and congestion liquids. People are literally drinking poison. Helpful suggestion: use herbs along with an excellent lifestyle to heal your body. 

Go corn-free and if you do wish to have popcorn or corn chips, make sure they are organic. You can also try these awesome chips (corn-free and organic!).


Thanks to King Corn documentary, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, Food Aid, Camp Silos and Hunger in America, GMO Inside, GMO Free USA for providing the above corn facts and images.


Three Ways To Eat Healthy While Traveling


Three Ways To Eat Healthy While Traveling

With summer vacations in full swing, there's plenty of time spent in automobiles, trains, buses, planes. So how do you continue to eat healthy while being away from home? 

With a little planning and preparation, you can absolutely maintain your healthy habits as you travel. Here are a few strategies to help you stay on track this summer! 

1.) Pack food with you!

All of the food ideas listed below are TSA friendly. I travel frequently and never have a problem with these foods passing through security. They usually want to come with me because they know they will be fed well! :) 

Choose organic whenever possible. 


  • Sugar snap peas
  • Green beans
  • Carrots sticks
  • Cucumber slices
  • Celery sticks


  • Apple (cut up)
  • Orange (already peeled)
  • Berries 
  • Grapes 


  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pistachios  
  • Walnuts
  • Hemp Hearts
  • Make your own trail mix (cacao nibs, choice of nuts and seeds, goji berries, large coconut shreds)


  • Raw crackers or make your own
  • Make these delicious wraps (wrap in parchment paper)
  • Seaweed (this size is perfect for traveling) 
  • Organic popcorn (must be organic)

2.) Use Yelp to find nearby healthy options! 

Yelp is great way to find local healthy options for you to eat at. I typically shop at natural food markets when I "eat out". (When I was in CA last week, I visited some great health food stores!) One bonus is seeing what local items they carry and discovering new organic products! You can also use Yelp to find farmer's markets, organic cold-pressed juice shops, organic restaurants, etc. It's pretty easy to find healthy options today. Reframe how you think about "eating out" and use these ideas to help you- you might be surprised at how fresh, organic veggies and fruit at a farmer's market fills you up! 

3.) Always bring a reusable water bottle with you! 

One of my health non negotiables is to always bring my non-plastic, reusable water bottle with me. Flying? Drink plenty of pure water before boarding, go through TSA with a empty bottle and refill on the other side. Easy peasy. (Lately I've been digging a mason glass jar for my water bottle.) Drinking plenty of pure water before flying will help your skin and time changes, too. 

Remember! If you are driving, gas stations are for filling your car with gas, maybe a bathroom stop, but NEVER for nourishing your mind+body+spirit. 

There you go! These three simple steps to eating healthy while traveling. Where are you headed this summer? I'd love to hear what health food places you find along your journey! 


What Do Our Priorities Say About Us?


What Do Our Priorities Say About Us?



Our habits say a lot about our priorities, what we value in life and what is important to us.   

What if we woke up everyday with the priority of loving more?

What if we made letting go of that which does not serve us and keeping that which does a priority?

What if we woke up with the first priority on our mind was “how can I be the peace/joy/love/kindness in the world today” instead of “where’s my coffee?”

If our value system were based on our priorities and what’s important to us, where would we fall?

Not all priorities are benefiting us. Some habits need a makeover. Taking a closer look at what is important to us and being honest with ourselves if it’s helping or hindering our mind+body+spirit+earth.

Can you picture a world where our priorities breathed life into others?!  

Perhaps we need a priority detox...


My 2016 Birthday Celebration Plans!


My 2016 Birthday Celebration Plans!

On the eve of leaving for my birthday project! A mix of emotions for what is before me. Excited but also remembering that mountains alway make the rules (namely, weather!).

For those who don't know me that well, I celebrate my birthday with an athletic+charitable challenge. There have been some epic adventures over the years!

For 2016, I'm taking on this: to climb some more challenging peaks in a short period of time and to help Bill Middlebrook complete his fundraising efforts for CFI! I figured why not combine my love of the mountains?

You can directly donate here:

And when donate, send me a screenshot of your donation receipt and I'll send you a birthday card on YOUR birthday!

Here are the mountains on my agenda:

Mt. Wilson

El Diente

(Possibly summiting Wilson Peak again)


Matterhorn (not a 14er but linking up these 3 together)


San Luis



Maroon Bells Traverse

Some 13ers on the San Luis day

I'm looking forward to climbing with some great people along this celebration journey. I'll be posting photos and updates pending phone reception. :)


What Does A Training Week Look Like?


What Does A Training Week Look Like?


I haven’t written explicitly about my ultra endurance training over the last few years. Partly due to the fact that I’m juggling training full time in addition to running (no pun intended) a business, another startup, along with all of other life’s responsibilities!

However, I’ve missed looking at my training and figured it was time to pick pen and paper again. Plus, perhaps you’ll find it useful in your journey wherever you are at.


My Type A personality wants to go back and recap my athletic training these past months and years but that would be impossible so I’ll bring you up to speed these last few weeks. Cool?

In April 2016 I ran two 50 milers. The North Face Endurance Challenge D.C. and New York. Both races had their own set of unique challenges. Looking ahead two months to the 3rd race of The North Face Endurance Challenge Series (July 16, 2016) I knew I needed to revamp my training strategy. Several weeks later I was reading an interview with Jared Campbell (3 time winner of the Barkley Marathons) who mentioned doing 20,000 to 50,000 of gain a week. There it was. Get my legs on as many mountains as I could the next 7+ weeks and climb my heart+soul (plus lungs) out. I felt very confident in this training approach.  


The week leading up to July 16, 2016 was chaotic and one of my training essentials, i.e. sleep, was jeopardized. I had jam-packed days starting at the usual 5 a.m. and going to 10 p.m. 11 p.m. That Friday (July 15) I left my house at 6:30 a.m. and didn’t arrive in Toronto, Canada till 7:15 p.m. By the time I cleared customs, picked up my rental car, made a quick stop at Whole Foods Market for the few items I wasn’t able to bring with me, I didn’t start the nearly 2 hour drive up to the Blue Mountains in Collingwood, Ontario till 8:30 p.m. To say I was pretty tired was an understatement. I never like going into a race sleep deprived!


There was a light drizzle of rain on the drive up to Collingwood and I prayed that race day would be clear. It’s one thing to train in the rain, it’s quite another to race in the rain! (It rained/poured/hailed/snowed/sleet during the entire race in D.C. in April and I did not wish for a repeat of that!)

After arriving at Blue Mountain Resort in the darkness of night and checking in, I collapsed into bed (literally) at 11 p.m. after setting my alarm for 3:30 a.m. I could sleep in! The race start was just across the way and I was stoked about that.

However, at just before 3 a.m., a fire alarm went off. I stumbled half naked out of bed, not entirely sure if it was my alarm or a nightmare! After peaking out into the hallway, it was indeed a fire alarm and the whole hotel had to be evacuated. Slightly panicking about my race that was to start shortly, I quickly dressed in my running clothes, grabbed a blanket and headed outside to wait the all clear call. After the fire department checked the building we were cleared to go back inside. So much for “sleeping in” and a peaceful start to my day! But rather than becoming mad at the circumstances, I chose to remain happy that I was safe and was going to have a great race no matter what!


5 a.m. came and the race was underway. To make a long story short, I had a really great race. I felt strong almost the entire way. My nutrition, electrolyte and mental game were on point and I as replied to another runner earlier in the wee hours of the morning, I felt “spunky” throughout most of the day given a somewhat challenging course- with many hills! I finished with a smile and gratitude for running my 11th 50 miler. (Or because I was in Canada, 80k.) :)


The next day (Sunday) I took an active recovery day that included 4+ hours of walking, hiking, some laps in the pool, a nap and some scrumptious organic juice and food from Press Juice Co. I honestly did not feel like I ran just ran 50 miles up and down ski hills hours previously!


Monday morning I got up and spent 2 hours on the trails before driving back to Toronto via Barrie, Ontario so I could visit RIPE Juicery. I felt fabulous! That evening I did a lot of casual walking and a visit to Kupfert & Kim.


Tuesday morning I was up early-ish and sightsaw Toronto via a 30k bike ride. With a stop at The Organic Press. I love so many things and traveling while being active and healthy is at the top of the list! Regrettably I didn’t have a chance to check out any yoga studios- next time! Later that afternoon it was a mad dash to the airport but not before satisfying my craving for a Green Matcha Mylk at Village Juicery. There were several flight delays so by the time I landed in Denver, took the train to my car, got home and fell into bed, it was 1 a.m. No rest for the weary as I had to get up at 5 a.m. Welcome to Wednesday!


I was really looking forward to receiving chiropractic care that morning so I could continue 2 more months of intense training. In September I have two 50 milers, 6 days apart and the later race is in Park City, Utah. I ran this race last year and the course is not easy. I want to run strong again and my goal is 30,000 feet of gain a week for the next 6 weeks.


A long nap (yay!) that day with a few hours on the trails rounded out the rest of my Wednesday. I was still in awe of how great I felt! Thursday and Friday were easy days of training that included trails and yoga. Friday I also got a much-needed massage at LoDo Massage.


Saturday morning I did two repeats of a small mountain for a total of about 3000 feet of gain. It was also a very hot morning. I was craving yoga but my body wanted sleep. So much in fact that my nap was 4 hours! Over the years I’ve learned to pay attention to my body and honor what it desires. It wanted sleep and sleep was achieved. Remember, it’s only been a week since the race!


Sunday morning I was back to my weekly summer goal of riding (road cycling) a nearby mountain. It was a good gauge on my recovery. My legs felt tired riding up. It’s a 7 mile hill climb with 2115 of gain when all is said and done. I raced back home, made a quick plant-based shake and was on my yoga mat by 11 a.m. Whew. A glorious nap in the afternoon and then I hit the trails that night for a 2 hour run up another mountain. Must get that vert in! With that run I ended up with 3,751 of gain for the day.


Monday, July 25, 2016


Barely 12 hours later I was back on the trails for a 2 hour run with 1,281 of gain and elevation going up to 7,893. This run was followed by chiropractic care and a very productive afternoon and evening.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


This morning was catching up on work and yoga studio trade for cleaning followed by a yoga class, ran a few errands, back to the chiropractor, stopped at Natural Grocers, made organic plant-based shortcakes for Fresh Peach Shortcake, quickly packed and out the door to drive up to the mountains for a group Alpine run that evening (6 miles, 1,345 gain, starting elevation was 10,600-ish).


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A few hours of restless sleep (one can only sleep so well cramped in the back seats of a small car!) before it was time to go run up another tall mountain. I started a little after 5:15 a.m. and made swift time (1:29 with 2,850 of gain) to the summit of Mt. Bierstadt (14,060 feet) with a few pauses for photos to capture the sunrise. I ran back quickly to the trailhead as I wanted to make it back to Denver to lift at the gym by 9:15 a.m. This was a 7 mile run.


I scarfed down a delicious bowl of my organic, plant-based, made-from-scratch, fresh peach shortcake and started driving. It was just past 8 a.m. and I was feeling mighty accomplished and proud of it! I was on the weight room floor by 9:30 a.m., lifted upper body for 45 minutes (plus a few deadlifts- one of my favorite moves) back in the car for another wonderful chiropractic adjustment and home by 12 noon to clean the car, do a load of wash and prepare for one more workout of the day and more mountains in the early, early morning.


I finished up today’s training with a 27 mile ride (road cycling) on my weekly hill climb. I was delightfully surprised at good my legs felt!


Thursday, July 28, 2016


It was another early 3 a.m. wake up call to head back out to the mountains. Initially, my climbing partner and I were to climb another route, however, I had to be back at certain time and we didn’t want to make hasty decisions on a technical route so we opted for Bierstadt. We made quick time on the ascent and descent, I even ran into a good friend on the way down, which was very surprising and fun! Summiting this 14,060 foot mountain twice in less than 24 hours was surreal. I had a pretty long nap (yay!) later that day along with a much needed yoga class.


Friday, July 29, 2016


I didn’t feel like running a 14er today so I opted to run 13ers instead. [Insert laughs here.] I explored a new-to-me mountain trail with great views of 14ers. I ended up with 4,000 feet of gain (all 2 miles above sea level) and beautiful scenery to go with it.


Saturday, July 30, 2016


This morning began at 4 a.m. followed by a 2+ hour drive out to Twin Lakes, Colorado. I was soooo sleepy, I stopped and pulled over right before Leadville to close my eyes. I didn’t want to fall asleep on my bike!


The morning was gorgeous and the clouds were sitting low in the valley making for a beautiful backdrop. I put my bike together, clipped in and began my journey riding up Independence Pass. Oh boy. I made it to the top of the pass and the Continental Divide faster than I anticipated- which was a nice energy boost. I motivated myself with getting a photo on the return summit. I know- some people choose beer, I choose a photo.


Riding down Independence Pass into Aspen wasn’t as fast as one might think. Hairpin switchbacks, rough, narrow roads plus motor vehicles on your back, let’s just say I was braking way more than I cared for. However, I didn’t feel like becoming road kill so safety first and foremost. Before long I arrived in Aspen. 50% of my ride complete. I guess I know many people because a guy from my yoga studio walked by! Small world. He gave me words of encouragement and without too much lingering, I was back on the saddle and pedaling my way back up the mountain.


Riding up from the Aspen side is a little more challenging as you gain 4,400 feet (as compared to 3,100 on the Twin Lakes side).  Nevertheless, I kept my mind's eye fixed on the Continental Divide summit. The ascent intense as the heat of the sun. A few groves of Aspen trees along the winding road were refreshing. I continued to pedal up the mountain and before I knew it I was on the final approach to the summit! Oh glory hallelujah! Once on top of the summit for the second time, I wearily unclipped from the bike and walked around a bit to give my legs a different position. Man, did that feel good! Another cyclist reached the top and we chit-chatted over our handlebars. He asked what my time was up to that point and he replied “that is really, really good”. That felt really good to hear. A few other random people congratulated me, refilled my water, gave me a organic (I kid you not!) banana and even a hug. I was so grateful for all who celebrated what I did. I rode down into Twin Lakes in awe of what I had accomplished. It was a huge athletic challenge as well as having the mental fortitude to keep climbing when I was weary. Yes, many life lessons out of this ride for sure!


74 miles with 7,600 feet of climbing (all at 2 miles above sea level remind you)!


Sunday, July 31, 2016


I woke up still in a fog (a ride hangover perhaps??) and went to a very much-needed yoga class. Boy, did that feel delicious! I had a long nap and finished out the week with a 10 mile run in the evening.


This week totals were:

150 miles

24,000+ thousand feet of gain (to put that in perspective, Everest is 29,029 thousand feet.


As I was driving and reflecting on the past week plus, I realized it was time to put down what “I do” on paper. I’m so grateful that my body is able to do all the training I set my heart on! Might I also add that I take no Rx or OTC drugs, I eat real, organic, plant-based food and see a chiropractor regularly. :) 


Life Is Not a Microwave


Life Is Not a Microwave

The other week during a wellness counseling session with a client, I spoke these words “life is not a microwave’.

This quote was in response to how the majority of people want instant results for their long-standing problems.

  • Have to lose 100lbs? Schedule a surgery.
  • Can’t sleep? Take a pill.
  • Unhappy with the color of your skin? Stand inside a booth with artificial light.
  • Don’t have time to make dinner? Sit in the car and order from the drive-thru.
  • Need your caffeine high? Push a button.
  • Office on the 10th floor? Stand on the elevator.
  • Rushed for breakfast? Throw something in the microwave.
  • We can read the news (term used loosely) with a flick of our finger.
  • We can swipe right or left to find a date.
  • We can have our groceries delivered in less than an hour!
  • Which is closer- by mere minutes- Uber or Lyft?  

The examples of instantaneous “results” are too numerous to list! I’m sure you can think of some as well. However, the results aren’t authentic results. They are convenience-based results versus life sustaining change. Life is not a microwave. Life is not about hacking, cutting, grinding, counting or cheating. (All popular terms that are used to describe how many people eat, exercise, live life.)

The problem with living in this microwave mindset is that it sets people up for unreasonable expectations and major disappointment. People want what they want when they want. (Say that 10 times fast!) Then one day they wake up to the fact that they are in debt- financially and health-wise. They’ve maxed out their cards (literally and figuratively) and their results have lend them to being stuck, sick and sad. How tragic!

Results transpire when we work diligently, have a positive mindset and maintain healthy habits. It is unrealistic to expect results instantly for something we’ve been negatively contributing to for years.

  • It took _ years to put the weight on, it will take time to lose the weight.  
  • It took _ years to get into debt, it will take time to get out of debt.
  • It took _ years to have sleep problems, it will take time to build healthy, peaceful, restful sleep habits.  

Sooner than later the microwave mindset will burst and people will become sick and tired of being sick and tired. In order to shift from the microwave mentality to a place of peace, we need to look at how we’re living life.

Symptoms have to be healed in order for the problem to be resolved. Most people want the problem (sleep, health, relationship, wealth) to be fixed but fail to change the course of their lifestyle (symptoms) that lead to their problem in the first place!   

Here are three questions to ask yourself to shift from the microwave mindset to a mindful mindset.

No.1) What are my beliefs?

I talk about this in my book, Live Freely, that our beliefs must be detoxed in order to live the life we desire and were created for. If our belief system (i.e. the thoughts we think) is rooted in fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy or doubt, then we will make choices based out of those negative emotions.

If our internal belief system is based on the lies we’ve been told (not good enough, not an A++ student, or that our self worth is based on the amount of education we have or how much money is the bank account), we will continue to live a unfulfilling, sad, doom and gloom life.  

No.2) What am I focusing on?

What are you focusing on? Where you focus is where your energy will go. So, if your energy is focused on “life sucks, the world is out to get me, I can never lose this weight, I’ll never be able to have restful sleep, I’m never going to be happy, I’ll never find a life partner, there’s never enough money….”, you will get exactly what you are focusing on! Be super mindful of what you are focusing on because that is where your energy is going. We go in the direction of where think. Read the first question again. If your thoughts are negative, pessimistic and unhealthy, you will obtain a negative, pessimistic and unhealthy outcome! Are you more focused on just getting rid of the problem or actually changing the way you live and think about life? Weight issues will rarely be resolved if the focus is simply on just losing weight. The weight that was lost will almost always be gained back again because the symptoms (lifestyle behaviors) were never dealt with. A person in debt can’t simply focus on paying off their credit cards without changing their behaviors (habits) that got them into debt in the first place! If people don’t change their behaviors they will end up right back in debt. A person in disease (debt) can’t simply focus on their problem (sleep, weight loss, chronic fatigue) without addressing the behaviors (habits) that got them into disease in the first place.

No.3) What has more room in my life?

What has more room in my life?

  • Worry or peace?
  • Fear or love?
  • Anxiety or contentment?
  • Regret or hope?
  • Sadness or happiness?

In order to shift from the microwave mindset to a mindful mindset, we must take inventory of what is taking up space in our minds and subsequently, our lives. If we are constantly filled with worry, fear, anxiety, then we will stay worried, fearful, anxious! Now, does that sound fun to you? I sure hope not!

Begin to fill your mind with healthy and helpful practices such as meditation (check out Headspace), take deep, calming inhales and exhales when you are feeling overwhelmed or worried, take up a yoga practice to empower peace and serenity into your mind and life, surround yourself with positive, uplifting friendships, remove anything from your life that does not bring you joy, peace and happiness. Lastly, every time you feel a negative emotion surface, replace it with a truth affirmation statement. (Get a copy of Live Freely for some examples.)


Over time- if you are dedicated to truly changing the way you live life- you will discover that your quality of life will improve and the problems you once had are either less frequent or non-existent all together. Imagine that!   





I Am You and You Are Me


I Am You and You Are Me

I am you and you are me

As I pulled up to the red light earlier the other evening there was an older lady holding a cardboard sign. There's been an uptick in the homelessness in this area recently. :(

Much to her delight, I hand her a bag of food and wished her a goodnight.

Here's the cool part: the car to my left started honking. I look over and they are giving the lady money! My simple gesture of kindness started a chain reaction. A positive domino effect.

Daily my prayer is that each one of us will remember that we are all connected, I am you and you are me. There is much that tries to divide us. Walls are built, literally and figuratively. We are more disconnected than ever.

We must remember that we are snowflakes in a grove of Aspen trees: each divinely and uniquely put on this earth in harmony and connection.

There are no two snowflakes alike.

Aspen trees are always in groves. There are no solo Aspens.

May we use nature to remind us of our connection to each other so that we can build bridges instead of walls, pathways instead of dividers, open doors instead of locked gates.


Feedback Of Our Life


Feedback Of Our Life

Working out, running, exercising, hitting the gym all the while consuming processed junk products is like driving a Prius as they smoke and throwing the cigarette out the window. One healthy behavior doesn't cancel out a terrible habit.

Many people fall into this way of living and then wonder why they are chronically sick, injured, tired, fatigued, can't recover from workouts, always sore, have allergies and sleeping problems.  

Well, the answer lies in the choices people are making, i.e. lifestyle. When you are feeding your (amazing, wonderful, beautiful!) body trash, of course you’ll have health problems. This is your body’s way of expressing itself. Be it headaches, chronic pain, sleep problems, [insert your health ailments here], our body is constantly giving us feedback. The feedback can be in the form of a headache or clarity, fatigue or energy, insomnia or peaceful sleep. Our bodies are so incredible but sadly, many are so used to numbing out the second they feel pain or discomfort. Again, pain and discomfort is simply feedback. We can take that feedback and turn it into (inspired) action for how we’re choosing to live life. Or we can continue to suppress that feedback and keep living stuck, sick and sad. 

I encourage you to take a look at your current nutrition and lifestyle choices and start making changes to it so you can live well, run long, jump, push, pull, lift, move your body without pain, sleep well, look great and prevent disease!



Healthy Hunt: Feb. 2016

Sarah Stanley Healthy Hunt

It's here! Our February 2016 Healthy Hunt is a fun 'scavenger hunt'. We will be placing 'hidden' Healthy Hunt words on certain places around the site and on free downloadable content. There will be one Grand Prize winner and three Runner Up winners. All you have to do is find them all and send them in! Easy, right?

Visit the Healthy Hunt page to see a list of what is included in the prizes and for all other info (How to Play, Hints, Answer Submission, etc).



Real Is Not What You Think It Is

Believe it or not, you can be human and make excellent choices.

Believe it or not, you can "be real" and crave real, organic, nutrient-dense food that nourishes the mind+body+spirit.

Believe it or not, I live the same way whether I'm with 10,000 people or by myself. I still eat real, organic, nutrient-dense food. I make my own toothpaste. I brush my teeth with a bamboo toothbrush. I cook the majority of my food from scratch. I crave organic veggies. I crave real organic foods that nourish me fully. I sleep on organic sheets. I use organic coconut oil as lotion. When I travel I bring the majority of my food with me (organic of course). I've never owned a TV. I've never had a Pepsi, Coke, etc. I can count on one hand the number of drinks I've had in my lifetime. My life doesn't revolve around "happy hours" (I want a happy life, not just hours). I drink 1-2 gallons of reverse osmosis water daily. My non-plastic reusable water bottle goes everywhere with me. Everywhere. I don't subscribe to junk magazines. I have reusable bamboo utensils in my bag at all times (I have 2 sets actually) so I never have to use plastic. 

This is my "normal". I don't really think about it. It's simply how I live life.  

For example: yesterday, I ate a raw organic cucumber while in the car driving. Today, I had a huge whole bowl of raw organic mixed salad greens while in the car again. 

My body craves what is good for it. The smell of disease is repulsive to me. Why would I put that in my temple (body)?!  

I honestly do not like candy or unhealthy junk. Why would I put junk in my temple (body)? If I want a "sweet treat" I MAKE sure it's organic, ethical, usually made from scratch and with ingredients that do not cause disease. 

I train daily- 20-30 hours a week in fact. [I'm a multi sport, ultra endurance athlete.] I rarely post on social media about this. My physical activity is not dependent on if I posted the latest update or not. 

I don't cheat on my mind+body+spirit.

I don't cheat on my health.

I don't "moderate" my life, what I eat. I eat real, organic food that NOURISHES by mind+body+spirit.

I don't "hack" my life, my health, my fitness. (There are no shortcuts to the top.)

I don't feel guilty about my life and the wellness/food/health choices I make!

Why don't I hack, moderate, feel guilty? Because I've developed and built discipline into my entire life. Discipline is one of the major components missing in our culture today. We have too many people living toxic junk-filled lives. From relationships to TV to magazines to "food" to drink, few are disciplined to remove the junk from their lifestyle. 

Am "I real"? You bet.

Am I human? You bet.

The difference is that my bulls eye, my center, my VERY laser focused belief that guides me day in, day out to make decisions that align with my ethics, morals, values. Every. Single. Day.

I do not live by the status quo that in order to "be real" I must be living a different life when no one is watching. Or that surely I must be craving junk! Or that I must only be posting the good choices I make and hiding something in the closet. I know this might rock your world, but I live the same day in, day out. Making excellent choices that align with my ethics, morals, values. Making choices that will make my health excellent. Making choices that will leave the earth, land, air, water excellent. Making choices that will leave a healthy legacy for generations to come. Making choices that I'm "proud" of vs choices that leave me feeling guilty or that need justification. [If a life choice requires justification then you know it's not a good choice. Excellent choices do not need justification.]

Believe it or not it is very much possible to live an organic lifestyle day in, day out, authentically, with integrity, with the utmost love in everything I do.

I despise the notion that somehow, in order "to be real" I must be eating/consuming junk in private or living a different life when no one is watcing. Nope! You can be real and still eat/live/move/breathe that honors your temple (body). You can be real and make choices that honor our only earth. You can be real and make choices that honor people.

I am real. 

My body+mind+spirit is a temple. 

I don't live the status quo. Join me! 

It's all organic all the time. 


The Elephant In The Pews


The Elephant In The Pews

This is a rhetorical question, but begs being asked regardless. Why do Christians complain about their preventable health conditions and then pray to be healed but do nothing (or the very minimum) to change their toxic lifestyle?

Spirituality is plural, not singular. Sitting in the pew for 1 hour of our week but living haphazardly the other 167 hours of the week leads to being sick in the mind+body+spirit. 

What we chose to eat/drink/read/watch/listen/hang out with can either nourish our temple or harm it. 

It's going to be difficult to be in a happy mood when we are doped up on coffee, sugar, donuts, little sleep, barely move our body... We may not need prayer for our condition but instead ACTION to clean up our lifestyle so it is congruent with what we say to profess.  

Obesity, sleep apnea, Type Two diabetes, cancer, mood, heart disease, stroke, energy, etc...are all preventable diseases by the proper lifestyle choices.

Honestly, how can we complain about our health when we aren't taking care of this temple to begin with??

It's like complaining that the car won't run or is always breaking down but yet we never put gas in the fuel tank, changed the oil, fixed the tire...or these examples:

It's like complaining that it's raining while standing in the driveway of a mansion when someone is standing in the doorway screaming for you to come inside. But you just ignore them and keep asking God to rescue you.

This also reminds me of the man on his roof in the rising waters of a flood. As he was praying for rescue, a boat came by. He said, no thank you, God will rescue me. As the boat sped away he continued to pray and a second, larger boat came by and threw a life buoy. He screamed, "That's okay. God will rescue me!" Standing firm in his resolve he stood with his hands to the sky in fervent prayer as a helicopter approached and lowered a basket. The man sent it away as well. 

When the flood waters overtook him, he drowned and stood before the throne of God in heaven. Perplexed, he said, "my God, why did you forsake me?" He answered sternly, "I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?" 

And so it goes with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and on and on and on. "Lord heal me while I kill myself."

Dear professing Christians, it is (past) high time that we start living out our faith by taking the utmost care of this temple: mind+body+spirit.

This 'elephant in the pews' is a topic that the church is largely ignoring and it's killing us. Literally. But not on my watch. I want to use the time that I've been given to help those in the faith community learn how to live well in mind+body+spirit. 


The Truth About Sugar Substitutes

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The Truth About Sugar Substitutes

Food Fact Friday! 

Many people are still under the impression that Truvia is Stevia or worse yet, a 'health food'. This couldn't be farther from the truth!  

Today in Food Fact Friday you'll learn two truths about popular sugar substitutes.

First up is Truvia.

Let me shout it from the roof tops: Truvia is NOT a health product!

  • Manufactured by Cargill Chemical Company. 
  • Does not contain Stevia. 
  • Contains Erythritol (a sugar alcohol) which leads to a host of different health problems and contributes to disease. 
  • Erythritol is produced with GMO corn through a hydrogenation process. 
  • Sugar alcohols, such as Erythritol, Xylitol, are disruptive to the oral and gut microbiome. Meaning that sugar alcohols destroy the gut/immune system.  
  • Truvia Baking Blend (different product than Truvia) is: Erythritol, Sugar (GMO sugar beets), Stevia Leaf Extract. 
  • Highly processed (Stevia is a green does it turn into a white powder?!).
  • If you have this product in your home, please do your health a favor and toss it out ASAP.

The second one is Agave. 
Also a popular 'health' food but it is not. 

  • Highly processed (again, how does a green plant turn into syrup?)
  • Higher in fructose than HFCS (!!!)
  • bBecause it is so high in fructose it leads to many health problems including diabetes.

I don't recommend agave as a sugar substitute.

The only sweeteners I recommend (and use myself) are 100% pure maple syrup (none of the fake syrup crap please!), organic coconut sugar (try Big Tree Farms), raw (local preferably) honey. Organic applesauce, organic dates, and organic fruits are also great ways to sweeten baked goods. Or if you're on a run, bike ride, physically active, before yoga practice.  Basic rule of thumb: if God made it and man didn't tamper with it, it's good for you. 

This should go without saying, but please don't use white sugar (GMO sugar beets) or the blue/yellow/pink sugar packets. Splenda will destroy your health. 

Does honey have fructose? Yes. But the amazing thing about raw honey (again, not to be confused with conventional, pasteurized, filtered honey) is that the fructose found in honey is metabolized differently by the body. God knows what our body needs! There are many health benefits to raw honey. [see resources below]

If you have Truvia in your kitchen, go throw it out right now. And then take a photo of it in your trashcan and share with me on any of my social networks! 

A few brands that are Sarah Stanley Approved:

Big Tree Farms [coconut sugar]
Really Raw Honey



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The Connection Between Money and Your Health


The Connection Between Money and Your Health

Money and health closely parallel each other.

Frivolous and careless spending leads to debt, perhaps even bankruptcy, stress.

Being frivolous and careless with what you eat and how you treat your temple (body) leads to sickness, disease, stress, general unhealthiness. It's bankruptcy in the wellness department. 

Think of your health as an investment that gives you a return even after you pass away. Because how you live today impacts the next 5-6 generations, some choices even 1000 years (using plastic bags)!

You can go into debt for that fancy handbag (that's made from an animal and unethical labor) that will rip and tear OR you can buy a Global Mamas handbag that is made with fair trade labor and supports ethics and values. 

You can buy that processed cheeseburger and shake (that violates ethics and morals) that will contribute to your disease OR you can go to your local organic farm/farmers market/health food store and buy kale+hemp hearts that will contribute to your overall prevention of disease.  

Everything is connected together. From what you think, from what you eat, from you hang out with, what you listen to, what you read- it ALL has an effect on your wellbeing!

If your health (or spending) is out of control, take a serious look at the fright train heading your way. Please don't wait till it's too late. 

Think before you spend. 

Think before you purchase disease. 


How To Be Who You Want To Be


How To Be Who You Want To Be

Do you seek transformation in your life?
What do you long for in 2015 to finally become a reality?
Is there a negative habit you want to break free from?
Where do you want to be 2 years from today?

In order to change who we are we have to change who we are:

#1  Break Bad Habits
In order to change who we are we have to change our behaviors. Maybe you want to quit smoking or perhaps you want to eat better, drink (more) water, move your body, etc. In order for you to change negative behavior to positive behavior (habits) we have to look at what causes us to do the bad habit in the first place. Is it stress? It's been a habit for so long you aren't sure why anymore? What's the trigger for doing what you're doing? Once you get connected to why you do what you do, you can begin to break free from bad habits to live a positive life! 

#2  Become Who You Want To Be
What kind of person do you want to be? Kind, joyous, healthy, a better leader, compassionate? In order to be who you want to be, you have to live who you want to be. Take for example if your desire is to be healthy, then you need to change your lifestyle. This can include where you shop, who you hang out with, your daily schedule. Maybe it’s getting rid of the TV (yes it can be done!) so you can do healthy things like getting quality sleep, or making healthy friends who practice physical activity on the weekends instead of “going out”, or listening to positive, encouraging music. Who you want to be is based largely on the company you keep and your habits. All the “little” things we do will influence our behavior so it’s wise to look at how we’re currently living and determine if that is setting us up for the life we want (and meant) to live.

#3  Believe That You Can Change
Many people sabotage their life by thinking negatively and inwardly believing they can’t change! You are what you think and you live what you believe. Often subtle beliefs about oneself can destroy or greatly derail their life. It can take some work and digging into our past to figure out what we believe about ourselves and separating the truth from the lies. When you begin to change what you believe about your life, your life will transform and you’ll find freedom and joy that you’ve always longed for.

LIFEWORK: How can I change my behavior to live the life I meant to live?


The Secrets To Weight Loss: Part 1


The Secrets To Weight Loss: Part 1

Many people struggle to lose weight and unfortunately have fallen prey to the myth of "burning calories" as the answer. Actually, exercise is a verysmall piece of the wellness and weight loss puzzle. Stress, sleep, hormones, and toxins are four areas of wellness that don't have calories but have a major effect on your wellness and weight loss goals/weight management.

Let's talk about hormones. Both men and women have them. To understand hormones we need a little anatomy lesson first. The thyroid (located near Adam’s apple) is a closely connected with adrenal glands (located just above your kidneys). All of these endocrine glands affect your hormones, metabolism, weight, and so much more. Think of the thyroid and adrenals as a gas pedal and battery in a car. The thyroid is the gas pedal and the adrenals glands are the battery. You need both to drive a car and you need both to have a healthy, balanced body!

When your cortisol levels are high (from stress, intense and overdoing exercise, what you eat, drink, consume) this plays a part in your hormones and weight loss goals. Everything works together (thyroid, adrenals, blood sugar, cortisol) to keep your body either well or sick.

Fight or flight- these two words are crucial to understanding how to workout smartly and effectively. Because the thyroid and adrenals work very closely together, when they are off, everything is off. Exercising is fantastic but when the body is overstressed at a biochemical level our fight or flight sympathetic nervous system kicks in.

And when we exercise on overstressed adrenals, unbalanced hormones, health problems will occur.

Many people think that they if just work out harder or faster (watching TV shows like The Biggest Loser doesn’t help matters) they will lose the weight. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Read this real life story.

I had a client who was determined that spending more time on the Elliptical was the answer to her weight loss problems. As much as I tried to educate her on the adrenal/hormone/cortisol/sleep/stress element of weight loss, she didn’t understand it and never lost weight during that period. Why didn’t she lose weight? Because she wasn’t sleeping, her adrenals were shot, her cortisol levels were through the roof- her body was in the fight/flight mode! Her body thought it was being attacked by a lion constantly, it could never let go. It had to hold on [to the fat] because it never knew when it would have to flee for dear life.

Exercise is not always the answer! In fact for many people a protocol of gentle, physical activity is advised over intense, mindless exercise. Once the body and endocrine system is stable they can slowly re-introduce more intense functional workouts.

Of note: many runners wonder why they can’t lose weight even though they run x miles day/week. Why can’t they lose weight? Because their body (adrenals, hormones, endocrine system) is in a constant state of fight/flight. Remember the lion example above? That’s why. If a runner actually did gentle physical activity to repair the endocrine system they would see results (as well as proper nutrition). Running is not always the magic solution to losing weight.

If toxic meat, processed/GMO products, and too much fructose are consumed this will cause havoc on hormones and have negative effects on weight loss. Endocrine disruptors are everywhere. Know what they are. (Read this website, we've written about this topic.)

Want to lose weight? Struggling to maintain weight?  Here are some tips for you:

  • Be physically active throughout the day vs 1 hour pushing yourself at the gym (that will only raise your cortisol levels and actually hinder your goals).
  • Eat only organic, grass-fed meat and limit consumption of it.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Get quality sleep. (We'll cover this in part two.)
  • Stop eating processed/GMO products. (I can't tell you how many of my clients have lost weight simply by switching to an all-organic lifestyle!)
  • Eat organic, whole, real foods
  • Take organic herbal supplements to help the adrenals and endocrine system: AshwagandhaHoly BasilMacaadrenal support.
  • Work with me. I’d love nothing more than to help you live well in mind+body+spirit!

Cover photo credit: Michael Gil


Living An Environmentally Conscious Life


Living An Environmentally Conscious Life

We are days away from opening the door on 2015 (wasn't it just Y2K?!) and with every passing day we have more challenges and but also more opportunities to make environmentally-conscious choices. The first step to living an environmentally-conscious life is to be connected. How connected are you to what you purchase? Living an environmentally-conscious life requires us to be connected to whatever we are doing. From what we buy to what we eat to how we live, our choices not only impact our earth but also our fellow mankind.

Questions to ask yourself:

- Do I know who made this?

- Do I know how it was made?

- Do I know how far it traveled?

The second step to living an environmentally-conscious life is to be knowledgable. Knowledge is power. And when you are empowered you take action to live a better life. Did you know that chocolate and coffee are two of the top crops that are grown using unfriendly environmental methods (pesticides, endangering rainforests) as well as slave/child labor? Palm oil is another crop that is destroying our precious rainforests. Big Food companies routinely harm our earth as well as our health. Your purchases have power to create change or they have power to keep people sick and harm the environment.

Questions to ask yourself:

- Where does my meat come from? How was it grown, raised?

- Where does my chocolate come from?

- Where does my coffee come from?

The third step to living an environmentally-conscious life is to be aware. When we are aware that our actions and choices are impacting so many things, it forces us to make conscious choices. Are we leaving lights on in the house needlessly? Leaving the TV on in empty rooms? What kind of products are we buying? Can we buy local? Can we get to know our local, organic farmer who doesn't use toxic pesticides and support them?

Questions to ask yourself:

- Can I buy local this Christmas season?

- Can I turn off the TV and go outside for a walk?

- Can I buy products that support my values and ethics?

Learn more about enrollment in Windsource!

Cover photo credit: Najarich


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Xcel Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.


4 Apps To Encourage and Grow Your Faith

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4 Apps To Encourage and Grow Your Faith

Wellness is plural- mind+body+spirit. We are what we eat (absorb), drink, think. Faith and spirituality are an integral part of my life. (Note: spirituality is not the same religious.) Believing in something greater than yourself is what enables us to get through the difficult times in our life. It makes life have a purpose. Meaning. The first 5 minutes of our day set the tone for the next 900 minutes of our day! Instead of cursing at your alarm, checking email, cruising social media, start your day with meditation! Here are 4 apps that I start my day with and reflect back to during the day.

Strong faith. Strong body. Live well in mind+body+spirit!

Echo app
Echo app

1.) Echo. This is a great app for tracking prayer requests. I love looking back at prayer requests and seeing how they were answered!

PAYG app
PAYG app

2.) PAYG. This is another great app to start your day with!  Music, scripture, reflection, help set you up for positive day ahead. Get it here.

Bible app
Bible app

3.) Bible. YouVersion has made it possible to have the Bible available in your hand, pocket! Every translation, devotionals, social and friend community, verse of the day, this is a great app to download. 

DVO app
DVO app

4.) DVO. This is probably one of my favorite apps. It's not only beautiful, but inspirational and makes me think. The beautiful images can be saved to your camera roll and shared or used as screen savers. Get it here

Cover photo credit: ActiveSteve

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