Let's Get Started! 

Do you wish you had someone to call when you had a question about what to eat, how to use coconut oil, what to eat while traveling, how to use turmeric, how to lose weight and keep it off for good, what beauty products to use, how to grocery shop and all those many other questions that are swirling around in your head right now? Do you want to get “in shape”? Have you tried numerous other programs, plans, diets all to no avail? Are you tired of sleepless nights, going about your day in a state of fog? Do you long for the freedom to do whatever you want to do, when you desire? Struggling with finding motivation? Guidance during the holidays and get togethers? Are you gripped by fear, worry, anxiety? Tired of living a status quo life that is keeping you stuck, sick, and sad?
Well, your wish is going to come true!

Your wish is going to come true!

I’ve created SARAH STANLEY: ACTION to be your lifeline. To help guide you along your wellness journey.
To see you break free from everything that is not serving you. To help you achieve everything that you desire (and then some)!

SARAH STANLEY: ACTION is about putting inspiration into motion for your mind+body+spirit.
I can’t wait to have you join me and see you live an amazing life!

Here’s what you’ll receive from SARAH STANLEY: ACTION

√ Weekly Live Call with Me

√ Discounts and Special Offers from Sarah Stanley Approved Brands

√ Actionable Items to Begin Implementing Right Away

√ Community (connect with others who are on the same journey)

√ Birthday Gift

√ Special Extras
(guests, book previews, first to know about new products)

√ Continuous Education During Live Call, Articles, Exclusive Videos and More!

Restless Sleep √ Sweet Dreams & Peaceful Sleep
Lethargic √ Abundant Energy
Doubtful √ Confident
Chronic Pain √ Pleasure to Enjoy Every Aspect of Life
Confused About What to Eat √ Clarity on Proper Nutrition
Yo-Yo Weight-Loss √ Maintain Weight-Loss Forever
Stuck, Sick, Sad? √ Transform Your Mind + Body + Spirit
Headaches √ Clear Thinking
Tired Looking Skin √ Rejuvenated Skin
Mood Problems √ Happy and Fulfilled
Enslaved to Pills, Toxic Choices & Relationships √ Freedom

Here’s what you won’t get:

• Bombarding Your Inbox* (I know you already get enough emails)

• To-Do Lists (don’t you have enough of these?!)

• Nagging (we’re all adults and responsible for our own journey, I’m simply here as a trusted guide for you)


Health is wealth! Making this investment is the best decision you can make because it’s ripple effect is profound: yourself, your family, and the next 5-6 generations! How much do you spend on sick visits to the doctor? Prescriptions? Take-out coffee and fast “food”? This is health bankruptcy. Decide right now to write a new a story, one you can be proud of, from here on out. I promise you that this investment is an excellent choice and you won’t have regrets.

*I will be sending you emails with the live call dates and times and other pertinent information essential to your overall wellbeing.