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We're so glad you dropped by!
Spend some time to get to know why I'm so passionate about helping you detox your home and life so you can live freely!

Read an article, find great recipes, share knowledge, browse our resources — don't be shy! I'm here for you! So grab your copy of Live Freely and let's get started!

Why Live Freely?


Our mind is where we process our feelings, emotional reactions, right and wrong, good and bad, dreaming, planning... When one of these is off, the rest of our health is off too.

You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind and you can’t have a healthy mind without a healthy body.


Everything is connected. You can't have a healthy mind or spirit without a healthy body. Exercise, good nutrition, healthy practices... 
All are important on the road to good health.

One step at a time, I can help you achieve the healthy body you desire, help you understand the importance of 'real food', and more!


Past experiences have a huge impact on not just our mind and body, but our spirit. We can have a sweet, caring, compassionate spirit instead of a negative, draining one.

How do we develop this kind of spirit if our past hasn’t set us up for success in this area? We work on ourselves a little bit every day.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air!

The majority of us tend to think about love in the romantic sense, perhaps searching for our “better half” or subconsciously looking for a partner to fill that void in our life. Having romantic love in our lives actually begins with loving ourselves first, then we will naturally attract romantic love into our life.

This month we are going to empower you to BE love. We have an amazing 10 day challenge (with chocolate involved!), a healthy hunt, wallpapers, I AM LOVE guide for you to download, and articles for you to learn all about how to love yourself so you can attract the love you seek. Sound good? I hope so!

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